Community News: Week #1 of March 2017

Today will be the fist post in a series of test posts to get this site started.

Consider this site in early alpha state.

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#1 State of the Game Update

Bercilak just posted a State of the Game: Galahad Update on the official forums.

Its a nice update on the current status quo and their plans until release mid july. You should really go ahead and give it a quick read yourself as it contains a lot of juicy bits of information.


Most of the initial comments seem to be positive regarding this progress update, while some members of the community voice their concerns, pointing out various things that will not make it into the game for release. Especially critiziting SBI’s prioritzation of features.

I find one quote by Korn in response to a user questioning the descision to give the players a free mount after completing the initial tutorial noteworthy as it confirms a commonly discussed viewpoint among players (emphasis mine):

This is a very valid concern, that we also share.

Hence, the tutorial mount will be very bad stats-wise, much worse than a T3 horse or the founders mount. Think of it as a T1 mount.

The reason why we want to do this at all is not so much as a reward, but rather because the game is extremely tedious early on without a mount.

While it may sting a little for some legendary founders who payed 100€ for their founder pack because it includes a founders mount, I see it potentially extremely helpful to enhance the new player experience.

Other responses are slightly harsher in their tone demanding SBI to prioritize Guild Quality of Life features above the new Black Market NPC feature. This is however an ongoing debate and we may look at this debate in detail at a later point in time.

#2 Other Noteworthy Dev Responses This Week

Most of the Dev responses this week are adressing various bug reports for farming and mounts.

[other things will be here]

#3 Show Updates

There may be potential news later.

#4 Guild Gossip

[… other potential segments below…]


If you have a newsworthy story, a community event you want to promote or some juicy gossip, let me know via the forums [link] on discord [link] or by shooting me a quick mail to: … email here.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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