PvP Leaderboards: Week #1 of May 2017

Current Patch: Galahad Patch #5 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 82981 / 27 April 2017

A new week, a new PvP Leaderboard! Yay!

Let’s go look.

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Largest Battles

Comment: We saw a nice 6.78m fame battle this week, doubling all other battle fame, featuring  11 different guilds. Largest score goes to Tea Party with 56-10 K/D and Echo of Silence taking a ball to the face at 32-70 K/D. Ouch. Most people are smacking each other in 6.1 and 6.2. Big deaths fame wise are artifact weapons and 6.2+ gear guys. Check out the details below.

Largest Battles – Week #1 of May 2017
Started (UTC) Players Total Kills Total Fame
01.05.2017 01:33:47 234 138 6.78m Details
07.05.2017 17:35:19 143 41 3.35m Details
06.05.2017 22:53:59 89 36 2.95m Details
02.05.2017 03:51:46 66 37 2.67m Details
06.05.2017 11:53:47 10 9 2.56m Details

Top Kill Fame (Player)

Comment: Average killfame of the top#10 is about 3.5m again. Similar to last week. Jokeroyuncu and ZoN made it back into the top#10 again from last week, with Joker securing a better and better spot every week for 3 weeks in a row. Respect. SirGalaahad on #1 this week wrecking in hell gates with his friends Far & Ninja from Grief. Those juicy 7.1 and 7.2 killfame numbers! Some of the players from the last weeks are missing, specifically the Tea Party and the Red Army guys.

Week #1 of May 2017
Top Kill Fame (Player)
# Player Alliance Guild Fame
1 SirGaalahad Tetra-Phi 4.10m
2 Jokeroyuncu Articulo Mortis 3.82m
3 ShinnoK [FAME] Envy 3.78m
4 HAEL2K [FAME] Envy 3.53m
5 Far Grief 3.45m
6 JapaneseNinja Grief 3.37m
7 KingMoJo [OOPS] Red Army 3.36m
8 ZoN Articulo Mortis 3.18m
9 Norzor [OOPS] Red Army 3.17m
10 reizerrr [RUS] THE ABYSS 3.08m

Top Kill Fame (Guild)

Comment: Red Army and Envy sharing the top spot with almost 73m kill fame this week. Nilfgaard dropping to rank#4 from last weeks top spot. New guilds in the top#10 this week: ZORN, Ad Honores, THE ABYSS.

Top Kill Fame (Guild)
# Guild Fame
1 Red Army 72.83m
2 Envy 72.70m
3 Articulo Mortis 55.12m
4 Nilfgaard 48.11m
5 Tea Party 40.85m
6 Echo of Silence 40.17m
7 Say My Name 32.89m
8 ZORN 26.11m
9 Ad Honores 23.21m
10 THE ABYSS 19.86m

GvG – Most Attacks Won

Comment: Red Army at #1 again this week. Thats 3 weeks in a row now.  Fewer GvG attacks won total compared to last week gave you a spot in the top#10 this week. New Guilds in the top#10 this week: The Fleet, Mercenarios, KDS. It seems like some of the kill fame isnt coming from the high level GvGs this month, but from hellgates and open world.

GVG – Most Attacks Won
# Guild Att. won
1 Red Army 15
2 Nilfgaard 11
3 Envy 10
4 Echo of Silence 8
5 Articulo Mortis 8
6 Say My Name 5
7 Gentlemen 5
8 The Fleet 5
9 Mercenarios 4
10 KDS 4

GvG – Most Defenses Won

Comment: Similar to attacks won, Red Army is also in the #1 spot on defenses this week. Some heavy fighting going on for RA. 21 Defenses Won + 15 Attacks won = 36 total win GvGs ; not counting lost ones thats more than 4 GvGs per day on average. Whew Red Army! Doing some work.

GVG – Most defenses won
# Guild Def. won
1 Red Army 21
2 Echo of Silence 14
3 Envy 13
4 Articulo Mortis 8
5 The Fleet 8
6 Say My Name 7
7 Nilfgaard 7
8 Exertion 7
9 Core 5

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