PvP Leaderboards Week #2 of May 2017

Current Patch: Galahad Patch #5 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 82981 / 27 April 2017

It is monday again. Monday is PvP Leaderboard day.

It’s juicy. Check it out below.

Largest Battles

Comment: Holy shit! 23.89m? We might have to talk about this battle on this weeks show! Not to mention the second battle at 9.94 as well. Both battles broke the previous record of highest fame per battle. Looking at the 75% of largest fame donators for this battle we see Ad Honores with 5.6m+ fame, Envy with 4.7m+, Metatrone with 3.9m+,  Indy Veni Vici with 3.2m+. All of those guilds, except for Envy havent been present in any PvP rankings in the past. New guilds forming or did an alliance decide to go take a stroll in the black zones? Will post more detailed analysis later.

(edit: reason for the massive battles were a french community event)

Largest Battles – Week #2 of May 2017
Started (UTC) Players Total Kills Total Fame
12.05.2017 19:25:23 254 290 23.89m Details
12.05.2017 21:17:37 140 109 9.94m Details
08.05.2017 01:35:07 161 73 5.14m Details
12.05.2017 21:01:32 87 32 4.14m Details
08.05.2017 19:54:39 100 87 3.64m Details

Top Kill Fame (Player)

Comment: New weekly record at 5.47m for reizerrr, grats! Most players this week are members of THE ABYSS and Red Army and they are doing the GvGs. This week reizerrr managed to score big in GvG fights by killing numerous players in 6.2 – 7.2 gear with a large chunk of the killfame coming from a lot of 200k-ish fame kills.

Top Kill Fame (Player) – Week #2 of May 2017
# Player Alliance Guild Fame
1 reizerrr [RUS] THE ABYSS 5.47m
2 babanababah [RUS] THE ABYSS 4.98m
3 Aggressor [RUS] THE ABYSS 4.89m
4 Mohicans [RUS] THE ABYSS 4.47m
5 KingMoJo [OOPS] Red Army 4.45m
6 Ketka [RUS] THE ABYSS 4.44m
7 Derrick [OOPS] Red Army 4.38m
8 Fulise [FAME] Ad Honores 4.02m
9 GRRRRRRRRRR [OOPS] Red Army 3.87m
10 Hoba [OOPS] Red Army 3.72m

Top Kill Fame (Guild)

Comment: Old faces in the top spots, Red Army closely missing the 80m again. New and unexpected this week: Ad Honores. Check back during the week to get a more indepth story.

Top Kill Fame (Guild) – Week #2 of May 2017
# Guild Fame
1 Red Army 78.26m
2 Envy 66.77m
3 Ad Honores 45.66m
4 Nilfgaard 42.44m
5 Articulo Mortis 35.62m
6 Tea Party 33.21m
7 THE ABYSS 31.54m
8 Echo of Silence 31.02m
9 KDS 28.06m
10 ZORN 26.79m

GvG – Most Attacks / Defenses Won

Comment: Red Army still on top. ZORN and others possibly taking advantage of Nilfgaard quitting. THE ABYSS players made it into the top#10 killfame this weeks, probably due to their GvG wins this week. Interesting sidenode: Ad Honores is not in this top#10, but they made it pretty high up in the top#10 kill fame (guild) this week. 

GVG – Most Attacks Won GVG – Most Defenses Won
# Guild Att. won # Guild Def. won
1 Red Army 23 1 Red Army 22
2 ZORN 21 2 Say My Name 10
3 Envy 11 3 THE ABYSS 9
4 THE ABYSS 11 4 Envy 8
5 KDS 8 5 Tankui Russia 8
6 Echo of Silence 7 6 Articulo Mortis 8
7 Nilfgaard 7 7 Echo of Silence 6
8 Say My Name 6 8 Core 6
9 Tankui Russia 6 9 Nilfgaard 6
10 Gentlemen 5 10 KDS 6

Allright, thats it for this week.

Come back a little later this week for the deep dive into the 29m fame battle and don’t forget to listen to our show where we will also talk about this weeks large battle for sure. If we are lucky we can get the people involved to comment during this week. If you have insight or attended above battle, please hit me up on discord, on the official AO forum or shoot me an email.

Have a nice day :)

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