News Roundup Week #2 of May 2017

Galahad Patch #6 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 84315 / 11 May 2017

We skipped a few weeks since we last spoke on the subject of news.

Well, here is the writeup since last time!

Official News

Hellgates: Upcoming New Map and Improvements

Comment: Long overdue re-design of the hellgates. I recommend reading the official post yourself, because its quite interesting but check below for the TL;DR.

We will get an all new map with minibosses in the corners and a final boss in the center that spawns after all minibosses are down. Hellgates will be split into 3 different types:

  • Ashen: 2-player teams yellow zone rules (knockdown & teleport out), T4 mobs, 700 item power soft cap, x1.5 fame modifier, hostile counter on, portals spawn in green zones
  • Ignited: 5-player teams yellow zone rules (knockdown & teleport out), T5 mobs, 800 item power soft cap, x1.5 fame modifier, hostile counter on, portals spawn in yellow zones
  • Infernal: 5-player teams black zone rules (death & full loot) ; essentially the old HG rules, no item power cap and no hostile counter; fame value modifier x2.5

Also, the new HG map looks like a dog-face, doesn’t it?

New HG map layout:

Community News

Upcomming content patch: Hector

Comment: SBI is internally prepping for the next big content updated which is called Hector. No official news or testserver content is released yet, only a few teaser dev-comments on the forums. My guess is that this will be one of their last big content patches before they start drumming the marketing machine for release, which is exactly 2 months from today btw.

  • Bercilak commented on the official Albion Discord channel that they are internally trying to get Hector out somewhere between  week #4 of May and week #1 of June.

Albion Online Twitch Channel

The official Albion Online Twitch Channel is showing recent activity.

Comment: Content includes community talk shows with Kostan #1 #2, some GvG shoutcasting, and a showcase of the upcomming HG content. Seems like they are starting to get a bit more into the regular twitch content.

Guild Spotlight: Say My Name

Comment: Frenchie HC style guild according to UrzaKe’s writeup. I love their logo, its so incredibly internet random.  A danger sign that contains walter white, a french stache and bones, WTF ?

Other News

We are ramping up the releases of content on this blog. Most of what you see currently is purely test content. We will hopefully launch properly in a few weeks. Once we do, we’ll post it on the forums and so on.

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