Special: French Community Event

As promised a little writeup on the french community event that broke all records for kill fame last week!

Comment: Shoutout to the french community for organizing such a massive event that results in impressive numbers! There seems to be some tiny drama involved as well. Lol at suicinding into the raid boss to get a guild cape Ad Honores?

Next time let us know about an event like this ahead of time and we’ll promote it here too. Oh, and please get in contact with me so I don’t have to use google translate to figure this out ;)

Event Kill Fame:

  • it was huge ; the killboard shows two battles & the event broke all previous battle records

Event Rules

  • everyone who signed up met in Camlann (red zone) on may 12th in designated spots
  • signup cost was 1.5m silver or 4000 gold per team
    • additional prize money was added by the event host(s)
  • each team consisted of 32 players (20 PvP ; 12 PvE)
  • fighting only started after the official ‘GO’ time at 20.30
  • one PvP and one PvE winning team would recieve 32.000 gold for 1st ; 16.000 for 2nd place each
    • a 96.000 gold prize pool total!
    • win-condition PvP: most kills
    • win-condition PvE: most points (minibosses ; bosses & raidboss gave points ; check rules for details)
  • special prize: guild cape if a guild can down the raid boss of the zone


Now this is the tricky part that may have partly gotten lost in translation. We could only get a few comments on the event so far. If you have corrections, additions or information, please send them here: AOinformer@gmail.com.

According to our source Ad Honores pulled some kind of stunt by ‘suiciding’ into the raid boss to get the guild cape. Lol!

But technically Vigilance and Indy Veni Veci won both the PvE and PvP categories and the sweet gold moneys.

GJ guys!

p.s. if you have a video link, please send it to me and I’ll include it in the weekly video recommendation post

Original sources, I think (in french)

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