News Roundup Week #3 of May 2017

The Hector content release page just got published. Major content update ahead!

Let’s dive into the details.

Corrections, comments and suggestions as always:

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Official Hector Content Patch Announcement

The official Albion Online homepage just announced the Hector update, teasing the content that will be included in next weeks large content patch, scheduled for June 7th. Below you will find a writeup including personal comments and links. Additional information that we collected from other sources is added where it is relevant, namely from the ‘Battle Howl’ twitch stream where game designers Lino Claudius aka H4n1baL and Korn discussed some further details of this release.

Comment: Last big patch before relase, lots of cool updates. A lot of the information is spread throughout different places. We collected and sorted it for you. Once the patchnotes release, we will post a patchnotes comment blog post as well. During this weeks podcast we will discuss the changes in Hector. Make sure to tune in for that probably longer than ususal show this week.

Hector Patch Content Details

Outlands Redesign

The outlands will recieve a massive change, both due to changes to how the outlands can be accessed and due to how resource spawns will be distributed from now on.

Outlands Access Route Changes

  • all outland cities will be removed
  • all harbors will be removed
  • the outlands can only be accessed through a large portal from Caerleon (central red city on the royal continent)
  • after clicking the portal in Caerleon you can choose one of 16 portals in the outlands (8 in low ;  4 in mid ; 4 in high)

  • the exit portal zone will be handeled similar to a zone exit, meaning you will have a bubble once you spawn and you can go back and forth
  • you will be locked to that specific exit for 10 minutes once you go through and to all exits of a similar level (low, mid, high) for 1 hour
  • removal of zones on June 7th means removal of those banks! evacuate your stuff now!
  • zones that will be removed:
    • Aberdown Harbor
    • Cawl Quay
    • Clack Quay
    • Farewich
    • Fort Thursair
    • Harlech Quay
    • Lowe Quay
    • Lyme Harbor
    • Mull Quay
    • Noss Quay
    • Pember Quay
    • Sheerbrough
    • Sunder Quay
    • Tenby Quay

Outlands Resource Spawn Changes

  • no more ‘mega nodes’ ; new T8 nodes will have 27 ; T7 nodes will have 23 charges
  • T8 nodes will only spawn inside watchtower territorries
    • 3 T8 nodes per territorry
    • respawn time of the resource node will be equal to the GvG slot time of each watchtower territorry
    • watchtower territorries can be raided and resources harvested by anyone (different to previous where only the owner could harvest)
  • all outlands will have a equal distribution of ‘normal’ resource node spawns
    • spawn rates of ‘rare’ resources (.1 .2 .3) will be different based on the zone tier (low, mid, high)
      • current testing spawn rates are:
        • low: 5.5% to spawn any rare node (5% .1 ; 0.45 .2 ; 0.05 .3)
        • mid: 11% to spawn any rare node (10% .1 ; 0.9% .2 ; 0.1% .3)
        • high: 22% to spawn any rare node (20% .1 ; 1.8% .2 ; 0.2% .3)
  • guards of the watchtower zones will have a 20min respawn timer

Comment: The values of 5.5%, 11% and 22% are confirmed, the spawn rates for .2 and .3 are deducted based off a comment made during the stream, which is in line with previous spawn rates of 1/10th of the previous rarity – corrections welcome if you have any!

Economy Changes and Introduction of the Black Market Feature

  • essences will be removed from the game (for now) and will no longer be part of any crafting recipes
  • a new NPC, called the Black Market will be introduced to ensure the link between PvE and player crafted items

  • this NPC will be located in Caerleon
  • he ‘buys’ player crafted items that will then (and only if players sell to him) drop in the open world as rewards for killing mobs
  • in addition to buying and then ‘dropping’ player made items in the open world he will act as an item sink to the game ‘loosing’ some of the items sold to him
  • amounts of bought items and prices of items are related to how many mobs die in the open world and drop ‘his’ items

Hellgates recieve a full re-design

Comment: we talked about the details of the HG re-design already in a previous blog post, please check it out there or read the old official announcement for details

For good measure a copy paste of parts of our previous post in case you missed it, including the dog-face new HG map. It does look like a dog, right?

We will get an all new map with minibosses in the corners and a final boss in the center that spawns after all minibosses are down. Hellgates will be split into 3 different types:

  • Ashen: 2-player teams yellow zone rules (knockdown & teleport out), T4 mobs, 700 item power soft cap, x1.5 fame modifier, hostile counter on, portals spawn in green zones
  • Ignited: 5-player teams yellow zone rules (knockdown & teleport out), T5 mobs, 800 item power soft cap, x1.5 fame modifier, hostile counter on, portals spawn in yellow zones
  • Infernal: 5-player teams black zone rules (death & full loot) ; essentially the old HG rules, no item power cap and no hostile counter; fame value modifier x2.5

New mounts with skills

Comment: MOUNTS! Hats next? Faction mounts seem super rare and a good reason to do open world raid bosses now.

  • new mounts:
    • faction mounts
      • factions: undead, morgana, keeper (a T5 and T8 version each)
      • resources needed to craft those drop only from the weekly raid bosses
    • rare world drop mounts
      • giant stag (T4)
      • ancient mammoth (T8)
      • fawns and calfs will drop similar to direwolf pups in the open world, no further bossdrops needed
    • some of those mounts will have their own skills

Comment: Skills are unknown at this point. Once the patch goes up on the test server we should get a XML dump and can look at details. Follow on twitter to get notified once the details break.

New tutorial for new players

  • updated tutorial that will provide players with a T2 cape and T2 mount once completed

Comment: Much needed to improve the new player experience, especially the mount! We might do a playthrough and report on any hickups or problems during the process.

User Interface Updates

  • updated UI part II, things will look better
  • you can now (un-)track DB nodes of your choice (!)
  • players have a mana bar below their HP bar now

Comment: We saw a leaked screenshot of that earlier already and posted about it. Now it is finally in the game. 

Armor Visual Rework

  • armors get an update and make-over to ‘improve readability’

Comment: No more ‘shitty 2015 phone’ graphics! Welcome to 2017 boys and girls. Looks pretty cool if you ask me.


  • open world PVE changes
    • to bring more variety
      • solo dungeons will have now have a ‘medium-sized mobcamp’
      • maps with group dungeons will be replaced by new maps designed around a ‘very large mob camp’
      • some new dungeons (multi-layered) for the morgana and undead factions
      • the earthmother is back (Caerfyddin will be removed and a new map called Inis Mon will be in its place)
  • potion rebalance
  • world map improvements

Comments: Details of those hints are unknown and we’ll have to take a look at the testserver once it is up. Korn commented on the potion thing during Kostan’s twitch stream with a design idea they are toying around with currently:

Korn_AlbionOnline: we are thinking about having essences exclusively drop from altars, and make them a special ingredient for “Level 4” Potions called elixirs

Korn_AlbionOnline: i.e. largest heal pot + essence = heal elixir

Korn_AlbionOnline: altars would be unrestricted PvP then of course

Source Links

Development Recap & Twitch Stream Interview

Development Recap Youtube Video & Twitch Battle Howl Show

A few days prior to releasing the Hector news, a dev recap video was published. Most of the content discussed there is included in the Hector post above and we will not repeat it. Additional tidbits of info from the dev recap video and a dev interview during Kostan’s stream below.

Comment: Just when people start asking about Robin on the forums, and assume he is busy getting a new haircut he shows up again! Okay content and video.

  • the dev team was not happy with black zone cities, because of poor access to activities and crafted goods, which lead to their removal in Hector
  • the dev team are not entirely comfortable with to many Zergs in the outlands and want to encourage smaller groups as well, while maintaining some big fights like castles
  • goal to increase outlands activity through the features we see in hector
    • portals / city removal
    • resource rebalance
  • they are still testing the zerg blob-dot mechanic for the minimap and will wait until after Hector to decide
  • on royal continent watchtowers:
    • some will be replaced by farmlands
    • they will turn into unrestricted PvP zones
  • you can ride your mount around and reach all outland zones from anywhere in the outlands
    • outlands will not turn into seperate islands as some feared
  • they are not sure how or if they change refining amounts of resources
    • (question came up b/c of removal of mega nodes)
  • they love seeing all the feedback, keep it up!
  • smartcast is coming at some point; but they can not say when
  • more cosmetics will come in the future


Phew! That was a lot and I’m sure we’ll have some more news in the coming weeks.

— END —

have a nice day :)

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