Newsflash: Official Teasers, More Mounts & Testserver Mini-Patchnotes

Since Hector released on the testserver last week people have been playing with it and the general feedback so far seems pretty positive.

A few things came up since then and here is an overview.

Official Teaserimage

— EDIT: so appareantly they posted a screenshot and then deleted it 2 days later — uh ok? — too bad.. but basically it looked like a direwolf with white fur and blue eyes —

Comment: @albiononline posted an image on twitter today showing a “Ghostwolf” – this mount hadnt been mentioned before. Just a reskin for the direwolf?

— EDIT2: i’ll just leave this here:–

Official News

Two new albion armory posts by UrzaKeFrostgard, detailing ‘Shankz’s All-In Wailing Bow‘ and ‘Lugzi’s Flailing Knight‘ were posted during the week.

Shankz build is a cloth wailing bow build designed so fight zergs and deal aoe damage to clumped up dudes.

Lugzi‘s build is a tank build designed to engage and root larger groups of enemies.

Check them out if you didn’t know those builds yet!

Comment: C’mon guys! It is not about who came up with it first, right? heh.

Discord Screenshot

Comment: A few screenshots showed up on discord that show new stuff. I’m sure there is more coming up, but I’ll leave you with the screenshot I posted on twitter earlier for now. Check back there for even more recent links to new stuff. Boy I really need to look at that XML dump.. anyone feel like sending me the testserver XMLs? I’ll even do a mini writeup too.

This image is of the T8 morgana faction mount, with the source probably (?) being the guild OURS A PWAL which took to the testserver to do the boss and posted about it on the forums.


Testserver Mini Patchnotes

Comment: A mini-patch hit the testserver yesterday. In addition to the changes below the time to declare a GvG in advance was changed from 22h to 20h.

Hector Update / Version 1.0.321 / REV 86230 / 24 May 2017

Balance Adjustments 30th May


  • Slows no longer trigger diminishing returns

Magic Sphere ability on Arcane Staffs

  • Energy Drain per tick: 0.7 -> 2.8
  • Damage: 53.98 -> 77.11

Grasp of the Undead ability on Hammers

  • Range: 20m -> 26m

Passives on Leather armors items

  • Combined Attack Speed: 15% -> 24%

Position Swap ability on Shoes

  • Cooldown: 40s -> 20s

— END —

have a nice day :)

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