Mini Newsflash: Another Testserver Update

Patchnotes on the testserver recieved a tiny update, together with a new patch. Check them out below.

Comment: A bunch of fixes. Changes that stand out are the removal of the territorry ownership bonus to gathering yield and the somewhat cryptic change to ‘note crafting journals now only count items of their tier’. This sounds like another stealth nerf to journals – so can I now not fill T5 crafting books by crafting T6+ items anymore? Will investigate and report back.

Updates 30th and 31st May


  • Fixed infinite whirlwind
  • Lots of art/level/animation fixes
  • Made T1 mobs easier to click on
  • Fixed missing icons for portal binding buffs
  • Fixed an issue with items not being counted for tutorials if they go straight to equip slots
  • Fixed an issue with pressing alt in text fields on Linux
  • Fixed some enchanting issues
  • Fixed issue with items in containers temporarily disappearing
  • Fixed offspring drop rates on T7/T8 hide mobs
  • Essences actually not needed for refining now for real this time


  • Removed suicides from kill/death history
  • Removed owner’s gathering yield bonus in watchtower territories, to balance out the fact that they now have T8 resources, and to make raiding them more attractive
  • Spiked Demons now have a slowing attack
  • Reduced resistance reduction effect on higher tier poison potions
  • Substantially adjusted journal setup; note crafting journals now only count items of their tier
  • Made minibosses in Ashen Hellgate (solo hellgate) easier to kill
  • Disabled gear scaling in cities
  • Rolled back “exclusive fullscreen” change due to cursor positioning issues; will reattempt at a later date

— END —

screenshot of the day:

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