PvP Leaderboards: Week #1 of June 2017

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It’s monday and the beginning of June. Let’s look at last weeks PvP leaderboards.

For those who didnt know: 6 more Weeks until the launch of Albion Online is upon us!

For week #1 of June read on below, for a little recap of the month of May 2017 – please check here.

Largest Battles – Week #1 of June 2017

Comment: This weeks largest battles are on the low fame side, except for our top battle this week where famous outland guilds clash in which is presumable a castle fight. Based on the kills of killboard it looks like [TY] lost the initial fight badly before [EOS] and [OOPS] clash shortly after, resulting in a somewhat higher loss fame wise for [OOPS]. Send corrections or a video link my way if you have one! .)

Largest Battles – Week #1 of June 2017
Started (UTC) Players Total Kills Total Fame
04.06.2017 18:17:23 159 65 7.20m Details
04.06.2017 17:18:24 120 34 3.52m Details
04.06.2017 01:20:13 10 5 2.48m Details
30.05.2017 22:52:40 102 43 2.42m Details
03.06.2017 20:19:19 81 37 2.40m Details

Top PvP Kills – Week #1 of June 2017

Comment: 1.8m is on the low side of possible kill-fame as well, but since it is an open world kill it makes it interesting. Radamanthiz walked into a Tea Party trap it seems, losing a total of 3 GvG sets (8.1). Ouch. Shoutout to Vazik for dieing twice in 8.2 in a GvG against NoLife as well.

Top PVP Kills – Week #1 of June 2017
Time (UTC) Killer Victim Fame
03.06.2017 04:14:19 Boosibadass Radamanthiz 1.80m Details
31.05.2017 13:06:19 Norzor Modestos 1.71m Details
31.05.2017 12:10:18 Modestos Vazik 1.70m Details
31.05.2017 12:11:56 Copoka Vazik 1.68m Details
01.06.2017 21:14:55 LaPenoo Captainsodium 1.62m Details


Top Kill Fame (Player) – Week #1 of June 2017

Comment: New alltime high! Lkuk. Grats! We tried finding cheesy fame farming kills, but we didnt yet. So it looks legit. Kills are from a good streak of HG action it looks like. Finally people are bringing their shinies out to play! The rest of the top#10 are all above 4m which is noteworthy, meaning we see more people dieing in high tier gear.

Week #1 of June 2017
Top Kill Fame (Player)
# Player Fame
1 Lkuk [PONY] – Pony Power 7.53m
2 Aggressor [Pk] – THE ABYSS 4.67m
3 Dukes [FAME] – Umbral 4.65m
4 BIRAR [FAME] – NoLife 4.56m
5 akunamatata [FAME] – NoLife 4.56m
6 Modestos [FAME] – NoLife 4.44m
7 reizerrr [Pk] – THE ABYSS 4.31m
8 WeedHunter [Sexy] – Betrayed Souls 4.26m
9 KA1 [FAME] – NoLife 4.20m
10 Courtsey Paradise 4.06m

Top Kill Fame (Guild) – Week #1 of June 2017

Comment: Red Army still uncontesed at the top spot. Respect for keeping up those impressive numbers week over week over week. Everyone else in the top#10 – especially the lower ranks get into the top#10 with pretty low fame overall. I for one am looking forward to Hector numbers next week!

Week #1 of June
# Guild Fame
1 Red Army 84.80m
2 Envy 45.05m
3 Tea Party 36.04m
4 NoLife 29.50m
5 Chicken Kiss 23.72m
6 THE ABYSS 23.08m
7 Umbral 17.77m
8 KDS 17.17m
9 Echo of Silence 16.86m
10 Say My Name 16.09m

GvG – Most Attacks / Defenses Won – Week #1 of June 2017

Comment: Nothing stands out this week, except for Red Army still being active compared to almost all other guilds and maybe Tankui Russia which is a new face we haven’t seen much of before.

GvG – Most Attacks / Defenses Won – Week #1 of June 2017
# Guild Att. won # Guild Def. won
1 Red Army 20 1 Red Army 16
2 Echo of Silence 7 2 Tankui Russia 8
3 Envy 6 3 Echo of Silence 7
4 Rest in Pieces 6 4 Say My Name 7
5 THE ABYSS 6 5 Envy 7
6 Tetra-Phi 6 6 ZORN 7
7 Say My Name 5 7 THE ABYSS 6
8 Metatrone 5 8 NoLife 6
9 Millenium 5 9 KDS 5
10 KDS 4 10 Chicken Kiss 4


Guild Compare

Comment: I wanted to do a guild compare again, but then I realized that the killboard has an issue I didnt take full notice of yet. The PVP Fame and PVP Fame Ratio numbers are put on the KB by adding the stats of current active members, which kind of makes an analysis using the guild compare tool somewhat useless.

But I guess the big news is that Articulo Mortis disbanded more or less. I hear the french wing went to Chicken Kiss after a few players left, with another part of AM is making a new guild. You can read about this drama in the Forum Banter thread made by Papani: “Articulo mortis is death, we will never forget. “


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