News Update: Hector Patch Live

The Hector patch just went live during yesterdays downtime! Hop on the live server if you haven’t tried it out yet!

Hector Update / Version 1.0.324 / REV 87153 / 7 June 2017

They also released a new trailer, that shows off the new mounts, the updated armors and some of the new PvE content! It looks neat. Check it out.


Hector Patch

We already discussed the patchnotes at length in a previous post!

Almost nothing changed in the version that went live yesterday so check that previous post out for an indepth discussion of the patchnotes.

Comment: The only additions I could see so far that were not in the patchnotes yet is item stacking & mass item selling on the AH.

This is pretty big in terms of quality of life.

I will update this post during the week, once I get to play more with Hector!

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