Devtracker: Post Hector Feedback & Analysis

Hector launched this wednesday!

We discussed the patchnotes here and will talk about our initial impressions on next weeks show.

Today I want to discuss some of the developer comments that were made in the recent days, mostly in response to initial Hector feedback.

Before I get started, a shoutout to and their devtracker. While it does not capture all devposts it is a great help to get an overview about recent dev activity!

Since Hector was published to the live-server and is now what is officially called the ‘launch-version of Albion Online’ by community manager Axototl, the dev-team is busy gathering feedback and responding to various threads on the offical Albion Online forums.

Below I will highlight some responses and comment where I feel like I have something to add.

On a unrelated note before we dive into the devtracker, the Albion Online client seems to have recieved an update to its file structure which makes looking at XML game-data way easier compared to the past.

I expect the community to publish a lot more detailed info on mobs, spells, drops, loot chances and many other things that were previously somewhat secret due to that change.

I will also try to do a bit file-diff analysis in the future. The folder for the XML files is currently located at:


I suggest you open the XML files with a tool like Notepad++ that will make the files much easier to read.

Comment: I know this has ethical issues and some people don’t like this kind of deep dive into the games code as it impacts the immersive experience and the mystery of the game. If you are this kind of person, treat this as a spoiler and ignore it.

Here  is a little sample:

Focus Cost of Enchanted Items

Monochrome responded to a question by Sensei987 providing us with the formula to calculate the focus cost:


Comment: While not immediately useful to many, some will find the exact forumla helpful for their spreadsheets.

Item Power Soft Cap Scaling

Zog asked about the new item power soft cap scaling, in which monochrome gave a quick response.

However, in a follow-up post IamDigital linked a nice youtube video, where the table below is used.

Comment: For the alpha players: Blue zone = Green zone. Looking at the numbers below, we see how fast the scaling kicks in.

Performance Issues and Zone Phasing

Another hot topic that was brought up are current performance issues that likely are the result of some recent changes in the Hector patch.

Due to the centralized role of Caerleon some community members are worried about server performance and proper preperation for launch on SBIs side.

Bercilak made a thread about it and Korn released a statement on a slightly different but related topic: scaling plans. In case the amount of players in Caerleon should go beyond 1000 active players at a time.

In a different thread Eltharyon noted that they have been focussing on server-side performance for now, which makes it more likely that they will fix some of the performance issues on the client-side before release.

If you care about the details of their scaling and performance plans, I recommend you read the threads I linked above.

Comment: Releasing a new version with changes to the graphics system often results in performance issues for some part of the player base. We should see some fixes for that rather soon I expect. On the topic of scaling I am not sure what to think yet. 1000+ people in one city seems crazy, extremely overcrowded and unplayable, especially if people are allowed to duel. This actually happening seems unlikely to me though. But who knows. I am curious to see how the current map-design of Caerleon will support the concurrect active users of the city in the future.

Hanibal Dev Comments

Game Designer Han1baL also responded to some questions and had a few interesting tidbits of information for us.

  • The crafting slider will be changed to 1 (instead of max for crafting items), in about two weeks with the next little patch.
  • The tracking will be changed to not automatically track every node. We’re thinking about tracking a node automatically once you made progress in it (got fame in the node).
  • The friends invite will be in with the graphical rework of the friends UI which is sadly not coming with release but the first content update after release.
  • Guild descriptions will only be changable by the GM and RHs
  • A timer that shows you when you can travel to different outland regions and / or portals will be added at some point
  • Adding resources to buildings will be automated hopefully before release still, so you dont have to click it over and over again to add chunks of 30 resources to the building.
  • The destiniy board will be re-done (the 4th time?) at some point after release to make its usability better.

Bercilak responds to criticism of ‘devs don’t listen’

In a new thread Bercilak opens a discussion on one of the age-old criticisms from the community if and how much the developers are listening to the community feedback.

He details how they approach community feedback, explains how he sees various groups of the community that all want their piece of the cake and how they approach those members of the community.

Comment: This thread is turning into a popcorn worthy one fast and I recomment you get yourself a drink or a snack and read it. It is pretty new but it might be one that defines future community interaction ideas of SBI. Make sure to leave a comment if you have constructive feedback to give. I mostly agree on his points made and it shows the difficulty of dealing with a large and diverse player community.

Content Updates

Eltharyon made a statement on large content patches vs quick regular updates here.

If we felt that weekly balance updates made sense we might consider them. We believe it takes longer for the impact of balance changes to truly come to light. Additionally, there’s a significant overhead in frequent releases- doing so would slow us down overall. We try to strike a balance and whenever we are convinced that a short term change is necessary, we will do it.

Mob XP & Farming Efficiency

Eltharyon responded to criticism of mob fame balancing with detailed table.

Check it out if you are into fame farming efficency stuff.


Expected result: based on numbers killing elite mobs is the effective method to grind fame or drops.

— END —

Thats it for this week, corrections, comments or things I missed – please let me know on the forums or hop on our discord and send me a PM!

have a nice day :)

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