Special: 5vs5 Invitational Tournament Recap

With final beta coming to an end this weekend, we see a bunch of events to celebrate those last days of final beta. Part of the end of beta celebration week is a 5vs5 Invitational Tournament that will be the content of todays blog-post.

5vs5 Invitational Tournament

To celebrate the end of final some of the best GvG teams were invited by Evoque and the caster team of AlbionTV to fight it out in a last and glorious beta tournament.

16 guilds were invited to participate in the multi-day international tournament for pride and honor. The initial matches were BO3, while the finals were BO5. Participants had to bring their own gear, but they only got knocked down – so no gear loss had to be expected. A gear cap also existed that was set at the equivalent of T7.0.

Here is the full bracket with all the participating guilds:

At the end of this post you can also find links to the twitch.tv VODs of each tournament day and a nice youtube cut if you only want to see the fights.

Comment: Some of the fights are really good and I recommend to watch at least the fights from the later rounds of the tournament, as they are shorter than 5minutes each. One of my personal highlights was a splash screen that gave us yet another name for what we used to call final beta. From now on we will refer to it as “third beta“. Heh.

For the keen reader of our blog and listeners of our podcast, you might have noticed that Red Army – one of the most successful teams this beta declined to join the tournament. As far as we understand they had scheduling issues so they could not participate this time. We saw a lot of good fights however and I hope this tournament may turn into a regular thing.

Check out the links to the vods & videos below.

Twitch.tv VODs

Fights Only

For those of you who do not want to watch the full stream, there is a nice post on the official forums by Deathbec0mes where he cut out everything except for the fights and put it on youtube.

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