Special: End of Beta Leaderboards

Just before final beta came to an end this sunday, I took a few screenshots of the leaderboards to conserve them for history.

These screenshots were taken on july 6th roughly 13:00 UTC to avoid any end of beta fame fu**ery and weird attempts at getting the highest killfame for a kill this beta, just like Aggressor and Mohicans did by loading up their inventory with as much high tier gear as they could find in their warchests.

Those screenshots more or less represent the ‘final standings’ of this beta.

I know a lot of people will say: “meh, fame is gamable – you just saw that at the end”, but its one of the best metrics we have to look back at what happened.

Lets take a look.

Comment: The screenshots posted will be without a comment for now, if I have time I may add a comment or two later. I understand that I am missing a few screenshots, namely alliance rankings. If you have them from any date  close to before the end of beta weekend events started, let me know and i’ll add them below for completeness sake.

Fame – Players

Fame – Guilds

Kill Value – Players

Kill Value – Guilds

Resource Value – Players

Resource Value – Guilds

Silver Collected – Players

Silver Collected – Guilds

Territorries Owned – Guilds



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