PvP Leaderboards: Week#4 of July 2017

Now that release week is over, it is once again time for a regular look at the PvP Leaderboards!

I hope this will be a regular thing I can put out every monday-ish. We look at the largest battles, the largest kills and who is on top of the leaderboards for the last week. I am adding comments of additional information, wherever I find it useful.

Largest Battles – Week#4 of July 2017

Comment: In last weeks largest battle we see ZERG, OOPS and EWA clashing during what was the sunday castle fight about Hill of Hollow Earth. According to the killboard Echo of Silence was the largest fame donator of the fight, with Zorn in the 2nd spot, followed by Nilfgaard in 3rd. Nilfgaard ended up taking the castle after wiping Gentlemen first and then making Schnitzel out of Echo of Silence. By the time of writing this post, Conflict already took the castle back. Volatile times for castle ownership!

Largest Battles – Week #4 of June 2017

Started (UTC) Players Total Kills Total Fame Details
30.07.2017 15:54:51 308 184 3.47m Details
27.07.2017 23:38:41 177 80 1.27m Details
30.07.2017 19:59:15 111 44 1.08m Details
27.07.2017 21:53:24 150 136 1.05m Details
29.07.2017 17:57:02 103 41 887.62k Details

Top PvP Kills – Week #4 of July 2017

Comment: OOPS & ZERG duking it out in GvGs. Last weeks largest kill was KingMojo killing Ninjao for 818k killfame. Ninjao had a mix of 6.2 and 6.3 artifact items equipped while having more 6.3 gear in his inventory. He also randomly had a T5 ox in his inventory as well for some odd reason. To me it looks like Ninjao tried to loot some gear during a GvG and got picked off trying to get away.

Top PvP Kills – Week #4 of June 2017

Time (UTC) Killer Victim Fame Link
28.07.2017 18:08:08 KingMoJo [OOPS] – Money Guild Ninjao [ZERG] – Nilfgaard 818.20k Details
28.07.2017 18:03:32 JaGGeR [ZERG] – Nilfgaard Detahw [OOPS] – Money Guild 590.49k Details
28.07.2017 18:18:08 Vezin [OOPS] – Money Guild Scorphan [ZERG] – Nilfgaard 461.53k Details
29.07.2017 05:11:49 Cartsoon Albion Choppers SirBirar NoLife 417.64k Details
29.07.2017 17:01:54 Kripo [ZERG] – ZORN BRiCK [OOPS] – Tea Party 374.89k Details

Top Kill Fame (Player) – Week #4 of July 2017

Comment: Everyone hovers around 2.5m killfame with JaGGeR beeing #1 at 2.65m for the week. Most of the top#10 players fame is from killing high geared opponents in GvGs and Hellgates.  If you are a fan of GvG and Hellgate action, I can recommend the official Albion Twitch Stream where they do nothing but stream HGs and GvGs for like 3 hours.

Top Kill Fame (Player) – Week #4 of July 2017
# Player Fame
1 JaGGeR [ZERG] – Nilfgaard 2.65m
2 TolyaTop1 [ZERG] – Nilfgaard 2.63m
3 Lui NoLife 2.63m
4 hakunamatata NoLife 2.62m
5 SirBirar NoLife 2.58m
6 Scorphan [ZERG] – Nilfgaard 2.57m
7 Xapek NoLife 2.57m
8 K1ngArthur [ZERG] – Nilfgaard 2.56m
9 Ninjao [ZERG] – Nilfgaard 2.56m
10 Copoka NoLife 2.37m

Top Kill Fame (Guild) – Week #4 of July 2017

Comment: Nilfgaard ahead on this weeks leaderboard by a large margin! Probably due to them being successful in GvGs and Hellgates, where the big fame is and putting a few guilds into their places during this weeks open world action, such as the castle fights. Followed in #2 and #3 by Black Mamba and Money Guild with Chicken Kiss in the 10th spot for 15.81m. I know the bar will only rise for next weeks top spots, but for now you have something to compare your guild to.

Top Kill Fame (Guild) – Week #4 of July 2017
# Guild Fame
1 Nilfgaard 36.46m
2 Black Mamba 24.88m
3 Money Guild 23.28m
4 Tea Party 18.19m
5 Echo of Silence 18.07m
6 Conflict 17.00m
7 NoLife 16.61m
8 Echo Of Shiro 16.44m
9 The Fleet 15.95m
10 Chicken Kiss 15.81m

GvGs – Most Attacks & Defenses Won

Comment: Nilfgaard again! They have 21 GvGs for this week, thats about 3 per day! A respectable pace for sure, only followed by Money Guild at 18 GvGs for the week and The Fleet at 17 GvGs for the week.

GVG – Most attacks & defenses won
# Guild Att. won # Guild Def. won
1 Nilfgaard 11 1 Nilfgaard 10
2 Money Guild 10 2 The Fleet 10
3 Millenium 7 3 Millenium 9
4 The Fleet 7 4 8 Team 9
5 NoLife 7 5 Money Guild 8
6 Grey 6 6 NoLife 8
7 Echo Of Shiro 6 7 The Solar 6
8 SUN 5 8 SUN 5
9 Black Mamba 5 9 Echo Of Shiro 5
10 Mercenarios 5 10 Mercenarios 5


Thats it for this week guys. Enjoy :)

Comments, corrections and suggestions as always: aoinformer@gmail.com

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