PvP Leaderboards: Week #1 of August 2017

Another week, another look at the leaderboards! Last week we see Exertion and Black Mamba topping all the charts on the Kill-Fame boards. Let’s look at the details!

Largest Battles – Week #1 of August 2017

Comment: In two battles between OOPS and EWA, OOPS win the fame and K:D battles decisively.  Based on the times of the fights it looks like they are battles for warcamps. #3 is a massive 40minute fight between ARCH and GEAR, with GEAR having a K:D of 131:152(!). If I get some more intel about this fight, i’ll add it here later.

Largest Battles – Week #1 of August 2017

Started (UTC) Players Total Kills Total Fame
03.08.2017 23:48:57 278 134 2.67m Details
03.08.2017 21:50:35 232 144 2.52m Details
02.08.2017 21:46:20 275 286 2.51m Details
04.08.2017 17:52:16 66 37 2.30m Details
05.08.2017 21:22:03 199 246 2.01m Details

Top PvP Kills – Week #1 of August 2017

Comment: Oh boy! Energylegs getting 4/5 of the top kills! What a bad week for Money Guild. 5/5 of the top deaths against Exertion and ZORN? Looking at the kills, we see Money Guild fielding and dieing in some impressive 7.3 gear. The war-chests of Money Guild should be full enough however, if they kept capitalizing on their impressive early position from last week. Are a bunch of 7.3 sets chump change for Money Guild or did they take a beating this week? I’m not sure, but lets see how this rivalry and fight on two fronts in the high black will develop for Money Guild!

Top PVP Kills – Week #1 of August 2017
Time (UTC) Killer Victim Type Fame
03.08.2017 00:04:11 energylegs Exertion
KingMoJo [OOPS] – Money Guild
1.49m Details
02.08.2017 23:07:15 energylegs Exertion Derrick [OOPS] – Money Guild 1.00m Details
05.08.2017 00:08:11 Finale [ZERG] – ZORN Derrick [OOPS] – Money Guild 999.40k Details
03.08.2017 00:03:55 energylegs Exertion GRRRR [OOPS] – Money Guild 902.12k Details
03.08.2017 23:02:55 energylegs [ZERG] – Exertion GRRRR [OOPS] – Money Guild 902.12k Details

Top Kill Fame (Player) – Week #1 of August 2017

Comment: Even though energylegs did an impressive job scoring almost all of the largest kills, the rest of the Exertion GvG team manage to get even more Kill-Fame last week. Is everyone pounding on on MG and scoring some big kills or are we seeing a shift upwards of the top tier GvGs teams into an average of 7.3 now?

Top Kill Fame (Player) – Week #1 of August 2017
# Player Fame
1 FuS [ZERG] – Exertion 3.89m
2 Kubb [ZERG] – Exertion 3.87m
3 Wandeag [ZERG] – Exertion 3.86m
4 energylegs [ZERG] – Exertion 3.54m
5 SirBirar [HATE] – NoLife 3.21m
6 macor [ZERG] – ZORN 3.21m
7 hakunamatata [HATE] – NoLife 3.18m
8 Copoka [HATE] – NoLife 3.12m
9 Lui [HATE] – NoLife 3.11m
10 Lugzi [ZERG] – ZORN 3.11m

Top Kill Fame (Guild) – Week #1 of August 2017

Comment: Exertion and Black Mamba on top of the  boards by a large margin! The difference between the 1st and the 10th spot is still an impressive 20m+ fame. To me this shows the difference of gear that those guilds use somewhat clearly. While the higher tier guilds manage to score kills against 7.3 oponents, the lower ranked guilds must still be busy battling 5.3 and 6.3 on average.

Top Kill Fame (Guild) – Week #1 of August 2017
# Guild Fame
1 Exertion 55.19m
2 Black Mamba 52.80m
3 Money Guild 37.33m
4 Nilfgaard 36.20m
5 NoLife 36.13m
6 Tea Party 34.65m
7 Echo Of Shiro 33.95m
8 ZORN 30.65m
9 TeamCasualty 24.46m
10 Say My Name 23.65m

GvGs – Most Attacks & Defenses Won – Week #1 of August 2017

Comment: Black Mamba going ham! 26 GvGs in a week? Thats more than 3,5 a day! Of course the question is, how many of those are actually fought, but once you see this impressive pace, the stats above make sense. What a week for Black Mamba!

GVG – Most Attacks & Defenses Won – Week #1 of August 2017
# Guild Att. won # Guild Def. won
1 Black Mamba 15 1 Nilfgaard 15
2 Echo Of Shiro 13 2 Black Mamba 11
3 Nilfgaard 7 3 Money Guild 9
4 ZORN 6 4 Grey 8
5 Hammer And Sickle 5 5 Millenium 8
6 Money Guild 5 6 8 Team 7
7 KDS 5 7 NoLife 7
8 SUN 5 8 Mercenarios 7
9 The Fleet 5 9 Echo of Silence 6
10 Mercenarios 5 10 KDS 6

— END —

Alright, thats it for this week folks.

Apologies for being a bit late, but we are busy figuring out the Iron Bank drama thats all over reddit. If everything goes well, we should have some updates on that for you fairly soon.

Have a nice day :)

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