One Reply to “Albion Informer Podcast – S1 E07: Worst Assasin Ever”

  1. Hopefully im wrong, but every time the issue is brought up, SBI seems to intentionally ignore that the competition with illegal gold part,so far i have not seen any aknowlegment that they understand that this problem exist at all, even the response on the forums to your previous episode leaves that part out, with no mention (correct me if im wrong)

    That makes me think that there strategy is to ignore that one part, the only part anyone really cares about at this point and wait. If they just wait itout a month or two the issue will become less evident. As gold sellers will have enough of a foot hold in towns over the next few auctiins to state making”legal” gold from plots purchased with illegal gold.

    After they reach that stage the legitimate players will likely never know, even SBI want have to worry about knowing at that point because they can keep plot purchases going off of revenue and funnel the excess away to sell as well.


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