PvP Leaderboards – Week #3 of August 2017

In this weeks PvP Leaderboards we see two, if not three previous records shattered into pieces! Interesting times ahead! Let’s go take a look.

Largest Battles – Week #3 of August 2017

Comment: The largest battle yet since release has happend last tuesday when ZERG alliance forgot to feed Stonetop Sink over in the east of Mercia. Three alliances, namely the previous owner ZERG, OOPS and ARCH alliance all rushed to fight over it. With more than 450 players involved over the course of multiple skirmishes the numbers tallied up to more than 243 total kills and 6.34m fame left on the battlefield. Sources tell me that while the experience was pretty laggy it was an interesting and massive battle nonetheless. Interestingly enough, people also decided to pick weapons specifically for laggy zerg fights, mostly glacial staves. So you can shoot a field of death and run away and survive the lag of death. In the end ZERG alliance barely managed to defend its territorry to the OOPS and ARCH contenders! Quite costly battles can result in forgetting to feed a high blackzone territorry… who would have thought. ;)

Largest Battles – Week #3 of August 2017
Started (UTC) Players Total Kills Total Fame
15.08.2017 15:37:30 468 243 6.34m Details
17.08.2017 22:53:57 290 186 5.18m Details
20.08.2017 01:50:22 158 83 3.47m Details
18.08.2017 21:45:59 180 90 3.38m Details
18.08.2017 00:15:46 15 4 3.31m Details

Top PvP Kills – Week #3 of August 2017

Comment: Jemal from Money Guild manages to score the kill on Kubb from Exertion, carrying not just his own 7.2 and 6.3 artifact gear, but other – presumably looted – 8.1 and 7.2 items in his inventory as well. From the killboard it looks like the Exertion guys ran into some sort of open world or after GvG skirmish and got a unpleasant surprise.

Top PVP Kills – Week #3 of August 2017
Time (UTC) Killer Victim Type Fame
18.08.2017 00:21:13 Jemal [OOPS] – Money Guild Kubb [ZERG] – Exertion 2.50m Details
18.08.2017 00:08:09 FuS [ZERG] – Exertion Derrick [OOPS] – Money Guild 1.55m Details
17.08.2017 00:07:36 Derrick [OOPS] – Money Guild Wandeag [ZERG] – Exertion 1.33m Details
18.08.2017 00:15:57 Obzen [OOPS] – Metatrone Wandeag [ZERG] – Exertion 1.32m Details
16.08.2017 17:19:44 Anteh [ZERG] – ZORN alfha [ARCH] – War Legend 1.31m Details

Top Kill Fame (Player) – Week #3 of August 2017

Comment: HAELZA from Black Mamba is the first player to crack the 5m fame mark at 5.24m kill-fame last week. Looking at the largest kills he scored last week, a lot of them are in GvGs against EWA and DD0S alliance, with some open world kills against ZERG sprinkled in between.

Top Kill Fame (Player) – Week #3 of August 2017
# Player Fame
1 HAELZA [HATE] – Black Mamba 5.24m
2 FuS [ZERG] – Exertion 4.96m
3 energylegs [ZERG] – Exertion 4.84m
4 Kubb [ZERG] – Exertion 4.81m
5 Atillos [HATE] – Black Mamba 4.72m
6 Wandeag [ZERG] – Exertion 4.71m
7 Kera01 [HATE] – NoLife 4.25m
8 Fastnik [GG] – Tetra-Phi 4.23m
9 Kera06 [HATE] – NoLife 4.08m
10 Zyreals [HATE] – NoLife 3.95m

Top Kill Fame (Guild) – Week #3 of August 2017

Comment: What a week for Exertion! 122.28m is the record to break! Even though Exertion is not the guild with the most GvGs this week, they appareantly had some amazing results, raking in tons of fame. Did the big boys bring out the T8 to play yet, or is it just a lot of 6.3 and 7.2 still? I shall go take a look.

Top Kill Fame (Guild) – Week #3 of August 2017
# Guild Fame
1 Exertion 122.28m
2 NoLife 88.12m
3 Nilfgaard 74.19m
4 Black Mamba 73.06m
5 TeamCasualty 55.94m
6 Echo Of Shiro 55.70m
7 Tea Party 45.00m
8 Money Guild 44.37m
9 Vendetta 43.71m
10 Mercenarios 41.46m

GvGs – Most Attacks & Defenses Won – Week #2 of August 2017

Comment: 35 GvGs for Nilfgaard? That must be another record as well! 5 a day is an even more impressive pace than we saw in the last weeks. No wonder why the ZERG alliance and especially Nilfgaard  is taking over a lot of the Mercia teritorries. As always, the amount of no-shows and unfought GvGs is the real question, but I dare to say: the war over Mercia has begun!

GvGs – Most Attacks & Defenses Won – Week #3 of August 2017
# Guild Att. won # Guild Def. won
1 Nilfgaard 15 1 Nilfgaard 20
2 Echo Of Shiro 10 2 Black Mamba 17
3 Exertion 10 3 Echo Of Shiro 11
4 Black Mamba 10 4 Exertion 10
5 Hammer And Sickle 8 5 TANKUI RUSSIA 9
6 Tea Party 6 6 8 Team 8
7 The Fleet 6 7 The Fleet 8
8 NoLife 5 8 SUN 7
9 Money Guild 4 9 BlackOut 7
10 TANKUI RUSSIA 4 10 NoLife 7

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