Albion Informer Podcast – S2 E03: This Episode Contains No Cuts

Shozen and Bogul return once again to bring you up to date on the world map, alliance drama and the upcoming Joseph patch.

Shozen was a bad goy and apologizes to people of the Jewish faith for getting Shabbat wrong. Shabbat=Saturday



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Albion Informer Podcast – S2 E2: Three Examples of How to Kill a Guild in One Easy Step

EoS, Vendetta and Friendly are gone. Team Casualty Splits, Chicken Kiss joins [OOPS] alliance and Albion Informer has the details for you.

Albion Informer Podcast – S2 E01: The End

In this episode Shozen and Bogul discuss The End, where they have been and where they are going. They also talk about all the stuff they are usually known to talk about: war reports, guild drama, pvp rankings and game updates.

Pro tip: watch ‘Say Anything’ with John Cusack.