Albion Informer’s Launch Week Links Guide


welcome to the magical world of Albion Online.

In this guide we have collected various useful links, guides and tips to make your Albion Online launch-week more enjoyable.

This blog post is directed both at new and experienced players alike and will develop over time as more resources are added by the community.

If you think we are missed any useful resource, please let us know on the forums or on Discord and we will gladly add your resource to the list!

If you would like to bookmark this list, please use the link below, because I will update the page below, but not this post:

Official Sources & Websites

We begin with a list of official websites and social media accounts where most of the official announcements and news will be listed and re-posted. Some more in-depth content such as testserver patch notes or a dev-tracker show up on various other places and will be listed seperately.

Other Official Sources

The famous killboard, where you can look up recent kills, battles, gvgs and other good pvp stats. The character builder & guides websites are in early production, but have a few good ones. You can even upvote your favorite ones.

In addition to that we recommend the testserver forum for testserver patchnote threads and the official patchnote websites visible in the launcher and the website.

If you are still looking for a guild, make sure to keep an eye on the guild recruitment forum section of the official forums.

If you have a beginner question, there is a beginner question’s forum for you. Maybe your question was already answered?

Unofficial Fansites, Guides and Useful Links

Is my Albion Online?

Lets start with, it is a super quickly coded tiny website that checks if the albion servers are online, similar to our launcher. But some of you might not have your launcher on other devices.

Beginner Guides by Scythian

If you are looking for beginner guides for yourself or to link to your friends, we recomment the guides by Scythian on the official guides section. He wrote guides for the tutorial starting quest, the follow up quest and how to get your free T2 starting mount, how to go about unlocking all T3 weapons, armor & crafting and how to tackle the first expeditions on T3.

Ver’s Spreadsheet

Ver collected a lot of useful links in his awesome spreadsheet. I might as well admit that I stole some of the links posted here from him in the first place ;).  But a big shoutout to Ver!

On his spreadsheet you can find among many other links..

Elsa’s Item Skills & Stats Spreadsheet

Elsa, one of the Super Moderators of the forum made a very handy Item Skills & Stats Spreadsheet where you can find an overview and detailed stats about all the skills of the game, presented in a nice and easily readable format. It also has tables about stats of armors, mounts, accessories and other neat stuff for you stat fanatics out there.

ChronoChimera Cheat Sheet

ChronoChimera‘s cheat sheet updated last for Hector has a lot of useful ingame information. Timer reset times, respawn timers of various chests, loot tables, drop chances for mount babys, puppys & fawns, fame modifiers for zones, premium bonus details, group fame modifiers, a list of chat & emote commands, the item power softcap table, expedition mob details, the black market forumla, island upgrade costs and other info.

Once you got into the game a bit and are looking for more details, its highly recommendet!

Inofficial Dev-post Tracker

I have to say I hate Albion Offline with a passion, because the only thing they to is automate and repost official content without anything interesting added to that for what I assume is ad revenue. But they have to my knowledge the only working dev-tracker for Albion Online currently.

Albion  Item Database Websites

AlbionOnline2D (AO2D) is a database tools website that is under development, but already has a lot of promissing features. In addition to a working item and spells database it features an albion map for your browser that reminds me of eve’s dotlan. It’s not perfect yet, but worth bookmarking for sure.

AlbionHead is a items, spells and patchnotes website that has a sleek look and a promissing item and spells database.

Other Links & Resources
Albion Trade Federation – Out-of-Game Trade Discord

The Albion Trade Federation Discord is an out-of-game discord trade chat to post WTB / WTS / WTT offers and chat with fellow merchants and traders. Disclaimer: This is my side-project.

Guild Registry

The player HaH Reported periodically updates his Guild Registry thread, which is worth checking out as well, if you want an overview about guilds or are looking for a new one.

Startup Costs Spreadsheet

A very useful spreadsheet is the ‘Startup Costs‘ spreadsheet, that has some simulations on tax income for guilds, but also building costs (silver & resources detailed in very helpful tables. Check it out for sure.

((if you know who made this, please let me know so i can credit him))

Albion Informer

Albion Informer is a weekly podcast and news blog by Shozen and Bogul featuring official and community news, discussion about game updates, spotlights of community events and interviews with famous and infamous community members.

— END —

If you have other links for me, please PM me and i’ll add them!


Official News Recap: Week #4 of June 2017

This week we had plenty of official news posts on the official Albion Online homepage. Lets take a look.

Rookies of the Month (June 2017)

In what seems to be a new segment on the official website, UrzakeFrostgard  writes a nice article, introducing three fairly unknown guilds: GoodFellas, Rangers of Celidon and Iron Bank. The GM’s of those guilds however, are no strangers in the community of Albion Online. While not many may have heard of RangerDovefalcan yet, Kutweer and Sharka are both veterans who have been playing Albion Online since early Alpha and are well known and respected in the community.

I recommend reading the nicely written spotlight, if you want to know more about those guilds. And good luck with your guild endeavours!

  • Link

    Guardians: An In-Depth Look

Enya does a nice writeup of the different open world bosses, which are called Guardians.

So far five different guardians exist, that are designed for 10 player groups:

  • Old White (Hide)
  • Ancient Ent (Wood)
  • Rock Giant (Rock)
  • Enormous Dryad (Fiber)
  • Ore Colossus (Ore)

“These big world bosses can be found in Tier 6 resource hotspots, and randomly respawn between 12 and 48 hours after being defeated. There is no way to know when a Guardian has spawned, so scout the area if you want to take one down.”

Check out the initial newspost for more details on HP, skills and more pretty screenshots!

  • Link

    Player Spotlight: Nausk

    In what seems to be a new segment on the official Albion Online homepage, we get an interview with Nausk, who is most famous for his solo ganking Blackzone Tales YouTube videoseries.

Check out the link to the spotlight, if you want to know more about Nausk or the link to the videos.

The official servers recieve a ‘massive hardware’ upgrade & Hector Patch #2 live.

As announced by Enya and after an extended downtime the servers are back up with new and improved hardware. Let’s see if it will hold up on release! :)

// edit: appareantly the whole upgrade of the hardware was delayed and not just the downtime

In addition to that, Hector Patch #2 went live on the main server. We already posted a Patchnote Comment post about it yesterday.

Here is the link again in case you missed it.

That’s it for today!

We are still working on our next podcast episode which will feature the second part of the interview with KingMojo and Norzor of Red Army!

If you want to hang out and chat with us or if you have any cool things we should mention here or on our podcast, make sure to join our discord!

News Round-Up & Hector Patch #1 live!

Hector Patch #1 just went live on the main server. We take a closer look at the patchnotes below.

We also have a bit of official news on top for you this week.

If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions or things that I missed, hop on our discord and let me know!

Current Client Version: Hector Hotfix #1 / Version 1.0.324 - REV 88214 / 16 June 2017

Official News & Devtracker Tidbits

Before we dive into the patchnotes, lets take a quick look at what went on in the forums and the homepage this week.

Official News

New Mounts coming with Hector

We get a nice bit of news that shows off the new mounts introduced with Hector, their stats and really nice screenshots and pretty videos.

Mount Hitpoints 805
Move Speed Bonus +85%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus +135%

Comment: I highly recommend reading the post yourself on the official website.

Albion Armory: Buldozer’s “Catch Me If You Can”-Miner

This armory posts explains the mindset of a solo-gatherer and gives some examples of how to properly avoid open world attacks with your setup.

Comment: A ok read if you you need to polish up your solo-gathering game.

The build is Miners Gathering Gear + Bloodletter + Mistcaller Offhand

Devtacker Tidbits

The Best Version of Albion Online

In response to a forum thread where people argue about ‘if the current game version is the best of what it could have developed into’ Korn shared this interesting bit of information:

  • I’d like to share some numbers on our end. On a like-with-like comparison, meaning that we compare activity after 100 days post wipe, the “Galahad Beta” (Beta 3) performs at > 300% of Final Beta (Beta 2), and > 160% of Closed Beta (Beta 1). This holds true for all player groups, casual and hardcore alike. And this is with a wipe being just 1 month away.

Comment: I can not dispute numbers and metrics and I agree that those kind of numbers show a positive overall development of the player-base. But the follow-up statement ‘wipe just 1 month away’ seems to me to be part of the reason of higher numbers, comparing that to an alpha game that is 2+years down the road in development. Some of the arguments in that thread are on the ranty side of things, but this will be an ongoing thing we will see where ‘old’ players complain about the past with selective memory.

Potential Hellgate Population Issue and Infernal HG Soft-Cap

In a response to a thread made by HyperAgressive, where the complaint about a potential issue with current HG population is raised and in a different thread, Korn responds to both with bringing up the following points:

  • There is currently a major configuration bug with the black market which essentially has prevented any meaningful amounts of T5.0+ loot from dropping for now. The max storage values for T5.0+ gear are set up too high, meaning that the black marekt has not “charge up” to equilibrium level yet, which in turn means that this gear is not being sold to the NPC, meaning that it also won’t drop from mobs. The exception to this is bags, as for these, the balancing is correct or maybe too high. We’ll fix that balancing bug as soon as possible. Loot amounts will increase significantly as a result.
  • There is currently a balancing error in the black market system, which pretty much has prevented T6+ gear from dropping, apart from bags and capes. This will be fixed soon.
  • On top of that, we are considering to test a very very soft cap (emphasis mine) for infernal hell gates. Why? The reason is that if the meta tier for hell gates become too high, the risk reward ratio gets skewed. In a structured 5v5 set up, where 100+ item power advantage can matter a lot, much more than in an open world setting where there is always a risk of dying due to randomness/being outnumbered.”Very very soft cap” means that the actual item power decrease for being over the soft cap item power would be very small.

Comment: Now we know the reason for the weird behavior of the black market since hector with bags having much higher prices initially than any other items. The charge-up issue of the black market is compounded by the potential dropping playerbase at the end of test-phases. What stands out is the idea of potentially capping gear levels in HGs though. Also, lets face the fact that everyone is going to ignore the word ‘soft-‘ in their arguments to a degree. I am not sure if I like the reason given by Korn above for the cap is reasonable, but I don’t think we know the exact numbers yet. One complaint raised though, which is the potential issue of ‘splitting the playerbase’ has not been tackled as of yet. If you have an opinion I encourage you to voice it in the forums – as it is a potential hot topic for the future.

Focus Cost for Watering Crops

In another statement mate by Korn, we get some insight into the current intended balance of watering crops:

  • It’s balanced in such a way that watering 50% of your plants is enough to sustain your fields indefinitely. Also, you gain masteries quite fast, which will bring down your focus cost by a lot.

Comment: Some of the discussion and numbers brought up in the thread are interesting for future farmers to be. Yet as far as I can tell some of the arguments given contain issues, of which I might respond to later.

Community Manager Talion cautions players about buying AO keys through 3rd party sides

  • Keys available for purchase on sites other than our own Shop ( are in most cases purchased using stolen credit card data. Criminals use that data to buy keys through our shop and then immediately resell them for a lower price through other marketplaces. Once these fraudulent purchases are discovered by the card owner, or a card gets marked as stolen, a chargeback is initiated on the purchase made with us and the key gets automatically deactivated as a result. (…)
  • Please do yourself the favor to only purchase through the official Albion Online Shop, as it is the only secure place to purchase Albion Online Keys.

Comment: Don’t cry when you want to save a few bucks by using a potentially illegal channel, just to get scammed.

Hector Patch #1 / Version 1.0.324 – REV 87940 / 15 June 2017

Comment: This patch mostly contains a lot of fixes for things that didn’t properly make it into Hector, but also some changes that are worth pointing out.


  • Crafting buildings now all have the same maximum nutrition capacity, but no longer start full (Novice buildings all start with 100 nutrition as before); nutrition is still not added on upgrade.

Comment: This is weird and I wonder where this change came from or why it was applied. Probably some differences due to food having different nutrition values initially? The big thing is that buildings do not have any food in them once built. All in all just a slight balance change to increase food use or tackling a deeper issue? Let me know if you have an opinion!

  • When crafting equipment items, the default amount is now 1 rather than the max possible amount your carried materials could create.
  • Moved half of the outland castles around to fit timezones better.

Comment: Too bad they didn’t say which ones. If you do castle content, better check your timeslot before you do any event planning this weekend!

  • Removed incorrectly placed relic chest in Bellever Tor.
  • Removed incorrectly placed territory from Windripple Fen.
  • Fixed an issue where T8 resource nodes were being incorrectly reset to 1 unit after downtimes.
  • Changed offscreen nametags in cities so they only show for GvGs and duels (which should improve performance).
  • Fixed an issue with the Fury ability where it would only stack five times rather than 10 as intended.
  • Removed delay from Meteor‘s knockback effect, and it will now only be applied on impact.
  • Moved Destiny Board completion notifications further up the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the nutrition bar would not immediately update when feeding territories.
  • Fixed certain dungeons having the wrong icon on the map (solo dungeons using the group dungeon marker).
  • Fixed an issue where opening the Destiny Board could also issue a move command.
  • Fixed crafting focus values for many enchanted resources.
  • Fixed weight and nutrition values for various farm-related items.
  • Removed the ability for GvG mercenaries to kick people.
  • Improved the Undead General fight, including adding a new ability.

Comment: A bunch of fixes, not too much to comment on here. Part of the last push to make the release version of Albion Online as good as possible.

  • Rock Giant should now be set up correctly.

Comment: What does ‘set up’ mean? Weird comment. Anyone know? Will investigate and edit.

  • Reduced the danger level and power of Ancient Mammoth hide mobs from Elite to Veteran.

Comment: Some players have been complaining that gatherers who skin animals can not solo T7 and T8 mobs. A fix towards this complaint?

  • Improved the Demon Prince:
    • Hellrifts now spawn at a distance of 5m.
    • Most of his abilities now deal more damage.
    • Laser Sweep’s beams now rotate around him.
    • Pursuit range is reduced from 80m to 30m.
    • Aggression range of portals and demons increased to 50m.
    • His knock-back will now also alert all enemies within 50m around all affected players (so be sure to clean up beforehand).
    • Cool-down until a new wave of demons is spawned from the portals has been increased to 10 seconds.
    • Also fixed a number of minor issues
  • Keeper Druids have been stronger than intended so the power of their spell Static Discharge has been reduced:
    • Static Discharge: now has a reduced radius (4m down to 2.5m)
    • Static Discharge: a bug where its damage and debuff was applied again to everyone 3m around the target has been removed
    • Static Discharge: damage has been reduced by 5%
  • Adjusted various elements of the Fungicide expedition to make it less unintentionally dangerous in a couple of specific locations.
  • Kicked out a couple of T5 archers who’d snuck into Fishy Business, and hired T4 archers to replace them.

Comment: Fixes to PvE content, that finally went up high enough on the priority list? To me this is good because it means we will see more QOL changes soon, if they have time to deal with this kind of content.

  • Increased T2 gatherer journal reward from 37.5 units to 38 (should now always level up a T2 laborer, before it would sometimes round down).
  • Fixed an issue with “show only craftable items” filter not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with some expedition mobs not correctly dropping silver.
  • Removed “mission completed” state from mission tracker UI.
  • Made some improvements to fast travel and portal UIs.
  • Various improvements to Guild UI (member portraits now clickable, limited text field length settings, added a slider for Guild tax settings).
  • Fixed an issue with the Caerleon loading screen.
  • Fixed incorrect error when trying to mount while gathering.
  • Only the Guildmaster and the Right Hand can now edit Guild description info.

Comment: Finally! No more trolling. A log would have done a similar thing, .. just saying.

  • Fixed some issues with territory and Guild member views getting stuck in the Guild UI.
  • Fixed some edge issues in Caerleon.
  • Fixed some minor UI issues with splitting stacks.
  • Improved readability of text for tutorial missions.
  • Destiny Board tracker now automatically resizes when completing the tutorial.
  • Fixed focus values for crafting furniture.
  • Made spell effect areas look nicer.

Comment: Yay! .. Yay? OH SH** FIREBALL

  • Fixed an issue where achievement reminder icons in the Destiny Board tracker (the little “!”s) were not being removed when clicked on.
  • Fixed waterfalls being silent.

Comment: Shozen: ‘Silence falls’ ..

  • Adjusted volumes for fireplaces.

Comment: Rushing water silent. Small burning logs roar.

  • Fixed an issue where some mob abilities were not correctly obeying their activation conditions (eg should only activate when player is in range but was instead activating always).
  • Fixed missing explosions for Meteor and Exploding Shot.
  • Fixed an issue with the opening of the item details UI.
  • Improved visuals of flails and hammers.
  • Improved mission selection layout.
  • Crafting equipment items will now attempt to fill existing equipped stacks before overflowing into the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect map zooming when searching on a zoomed-out world map.
  • Updated minimap icons for fast travel portals.
  • Fixed an issue with Destiny Board info in 80% UI scale causing shaking.
  • Added crafting focus and learning points to character stats in the expanded inventory UI.
  • Fixed an issue with Guild button in the territory attack details UI.
  • Added a popup to explain how local banks and markets work (can be suppressed).
  • Fixed an issue with player buttons in the GvG details UI.
  • Fixed a weird visual issue when attempting to use broken tools.
  • Fixed some minor issues with the Black Market UI.
  • Fixed an issue where inspecting another player did not show any mount they had equipped.
  • Made it so you can click the target item when enchanting.
  • Fixed visual issue when capturing monoliths in GvG.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of inactive abilities when inspecting another player.
  • Swapped position of “build” and “cancel” buttons in the construction UI.
  • Fixed an issue with display of reputation penalties and nametags.
  • Fixed incorrect minimap colors.
  • Fixed numerous minor level-design issues, including invisible collisions and offset areas.

Comment: The offset areas seemed to just pop up with Hector. New or old issues?

  • Fixed various animation issues with farm animals and laborers.
  • Improvements to various visual effects.
  • Fixed an issue with partially full journals not filling correctly in conjunction with stacks.

— END —

that’s it for today folks

have a nice day :)

Devtracker: Post Hector Feedback & Analysis

Hector launched this wednesday!

We discussed the patchnotes here and will talk about our initial impressions on next weeks show.

Today I want to discuss some of the developer comments that were made in the recent days, mostly in response to initial Hector feedback.

Before I get started, a shoutout to and their devtracker. While it does not capture all devposts it is a great help to get an overview about recent dev activity!

Since Hector was published to the live-server and is now what is officially called the ‘launch-version of Albion Online’ by community manager Axototl, the dev-team is busy gathering feedback and responding to various threads on the offical Albion Online forums.

Below I will highlight some responses and comment where I feel like I have something to add.

On a unrelated note before we dive into the devtracker, the Albion Online client seems to have recieved an update to its file structure which makes looking at XML game-data way easier compared to the past.

I expect the community to publish a lot more detailed info on mobs, spells, drops, loot chances and many other things that were previously somewhat secret due to that change.

I will also try to do a bit file-diff analysis in the future. The folder for the XML files is currently located at:


I suggest you open the XML files with a tool like Notepad++ that will make the files much easier to read.

Comment: I know this has ethical issues and some people don’t like this kind of deep dive into the games code as it impacts the immersive experience and the mystery of the game. If you are this kind of person, treat this as a spoiler and ignore it.

Here  is a little sample:

Focus Cost of Enchanted Items

Monochrome responded to a question by Sensei987 providing us with the formula to calculate the focus cost:


Comment: While not immediately useful to many, some will find the exact forumla helpful for their spreadsheets.

Item Power Soft Cap Scaling

Zog asked about the new item power soft cap scaling, in which monochrome gave a quick response.

However, in a follow-up post IamDigital linked a nice youtube video, where the table below is used.

Comment: For the alpha players: Blue zone = Green zone. Looking at the numbers below, we see how fast the scaling kicks in.

Performance Issues and Zone Phasing

Another hot topic that was brought up are current performance issues that likely are the result of some recent changes in the Hector patch.

Due to the centralized role of Caerleon some community members are worried about server performance and proper preperation for launch on SBIs side.

Bercilak made a thread about it and Korn released a statement on a slightly different but related topic: scaling plans. In case the amount of players in Caerleon should go beyond 1000 active players at a time.

In a different thread Eltharyon noted that they have been focussing on server-side performance for now, which makes it more likely that they will fix some of the performance issues on the client-side before release.

If you care about the details of their scaling and performance plans, I recommend you read the threads I linked above.

Comment: Releasing a new version with changes to the graphics system often results in performance issues for some part of the player base. We should see some fixes for that rather soon I expect. On the topic of scaling I am not sure what to think yet. 1000+ people in one city seems crazy, extremely overcrowded and unplayable, especially if people are allowed to duel. This actually happening seems unlikely to me though. But who knows. I am curious to see how the current map-design of Caerleon will support the concurrect active users of the city in the future.

Hanibal Dev Comments

Game Designer Han1baL also responded to some questions and had a few interesting tidbits of information for us.

  • The crafting slider will be changed to 1 (instead of max for crafting items), in about two weeks with the next little patch.
  • The tracking will be changed to not automatically track every node. We’re thinking about tracking a node automatically once you made progress in it (got fame in the node).
  • The friends invite will be in with the graphical rework of the friends UI which is sadly not coming with release but the first content update after release.
  • Guild descriptions will only be changable by the GM and RHs
  • A timer that shows you when you can travel to different outland regions and / or portals will be added at some point
  • Adding resources to buildings will be automated hopefully before release still, so you dont have to click it over and over again to add chunks of 30 resources to the building.
  • The destiniy board will be re-done (the 4th time?) at some point after release to make its usability better.

Bercilak responds to criticism of ‘devs don’t listen’

In a new thread Bercilak opens a discussion on one of the age-old criticisms from the community if and how much the developers are listening to the community feedback.

He details how they approach community feedback, explains how he sees various groups of the community that all want their piece of the cake and how they approach those members of the community.

Comment: This thread is turning into a popcorn worthy one fast and I recomment you get yourself a drink or a snack and read it. It is pretty new but it might be one that defines future community interaction ideas of SBI. Make sure to leave a comment if you have constructive feedback to give. I mostly agree on his points made and it shows the difficulty of dealing with a large and diverse player community.

Content Updates

Eltharyon made a statement on large content patches vs quick regular updates here.

If we felt that weekly balance updates made sense we might consider them. We believe it takes longer for the impact of balance changes to truly come to light. Additionally, there’s a significant overhead in frequent releases- doing so would slow us down overall. We try to strike a balance and whenever we are convinced that a short term change is necessary, we will do it.

Mob XP & Farming Efficiency

Eltharyon responded to criticism of mob fame balancing with detailed table.

Check it out if you are into fame farming efficency stuff.


Expected result: based on numbers killing elite mobs is the effective method to grind fame or drops.

— END —

Thats it for this week, corrections, comments or things I missed – please let me know on the forums or hop on our discord and send me a PM!

have a nice day :)

News Update: Hector Patch Live

The Hector patch just went live during yesterdays downtime! Hop on the live server if you haven’t tried it out yet!

Hector Update / Version 1.0.324 / REV 87153 / 7 June 2017

They also released a new trailer, that shows off the new mounts, the updated armors and some of the new PvE content! It looks neat. Check it out.


Hector Patch

We already discussed the patchnotes at length in a previous post!

Almost nothing changed in the version that went live yesterday so check that previous post out for an indepth discussion of the patchnotes.

Comment: The only additions I could see so far that were not in the patchnotes yet is item stacking & mass item selling on the AH.

This is pretty big in terms of quality of life.

I will update this post during the week, once I get to play more with Hector!

Mini Newsflash: Another Testserver Update

Patchnotes on the testserver recieved a tiny update, together with a new patch. Check them out below.

Comment: A bunch of fixes. Changes that stand out are the removal of the territorry ownership bonus to gathering yield and the somewhat cryptic change to ‘note crafting journals now only count items of their tier’. This sounds like another stealth nerf to journals – so can I now not fill T5 crafting books by crafting T6+ items anymore? Will investigate and report back.

Updates 30th and 31st May


  • Fixed infinite whirlwind
  • Lots of art/level/animation fixes
  • Made T1 mobs easier to click on
  • Fixed missing icons for portal binding buffs
  • Fixed an issue with items not being counted for tutorials if they go straight to equip slots
  • Fixed an issue with pressing alt in text fields on Linux
  • Fixed some enchanting issues
  • Fixed issue with items in containers temporarily disappearing
  • Fixed offspring drop rates on T7/T8 hide mobs
  • Essences actually not needed for refining now for real this time


  • Removed suicides from kill/death history
  • Removed owner’s gathering yield bonus in watchtower territories, to balance out the fact that they now have T8 resources, and to make raiding them more attractive
  • Spiked Demons now have a slowing attack
  • Reduced resistance reduction effect on higher tier poison potions
  • Substantially adjusted journal setup; note crafting journals now only count items of their tier
  • Made minibosses in Ashen Hellgate (solo hellgate) easier to kill
  • Disabled gear scaling in cities
  • Rolled back “exclusive fullscreen” change due to cursor positioning issues; will reattempt at a later date

— END —

screenshot of the day:

Newsflash: Official Teasers, More Mounts & Testserver Mini-Patchnotes

Since Hector released on the testserver last week people have been playing with it and the general feedback so far seems pretty positive.

A few things came up since then and here is an overview.

Official Teaserimage

— EDIT: so appareantly they posted a screenshot and then deleted it 2 days later — uh ok? — too bad.. but basically it looked like a direwolf with white fur and blue eyes —

Comment: @albiononline posted an image on twitter today showing a “Ghostwolf” – this mount hadnt been mentioned before. Just a reskin for the direwolf?

— EDIT2: i’ll just leave this here:–

Official News

Two new albion armory posts by UrzaKeFrostgard, detailing ‘Shankz’s All-In Wailing Bow‘ and ‘Lugzi’s Flailing Knight‘ were posted during the week.

Shankz build is a cloth wailing bow build designed so fight zergs and deal aoe damage to clumped up dudes.

Lugzi‘s build is a tank build designed to engage and root larger groups of enemies.

Check them out if you didn’t know those builds yet!

Comment: C’mon guys! It is not about who came up with it first, right? heh.

Discord Screenshot

Comment: A few screenshots showed up on discord that show new stuff. I’m sure there is more coming up, but I’ll leave you with the screenshot I posted on twitter earlier for now. Check back there for even more recent links to new stuff. Boy I really need to look at that XML dump.. anyone feel like sending me the testserver XMLs? I’ll even do a mini writeup too.

This image is of the T8 morgana faction mount, with the source probably (?) being the guild OURS A PWAL which took to the testserver to do the boss and posted about it on the forums.


Testserver Mini Patchnotes

Comment: A mini-patch hit the testserver yesterday. In addition to the changes below the time to declare a GvG in advance was changed from 22h to 20h.

Hector Update / Version 1.0.321 / REV 86230 / 24 May 2017

Balance Adjustments 30th May


  • Slows no longer trigger diminishing returns

Magic Sphere ability on Arcane Staffs

  • Energy Drain per tick: 0.7 -> 2.8
  • Damage: 53.98 -> 77.11

Grasp of the Undead ability on Hammers

  • Range: 20m -> 26m

Passives on Leather armors items

  • Combined Attack Speed: 15% -> 24%

Position Swap ability on Shoes

  • Cooldown: 40s -> 20s

— END —

have a nice day :)

News Roundup Week #3 of May 2017

The Hector content release page just got published. Major content update ahead!

Let’s dive into the details.

Corrections, comments and suggestions as always:

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Official Hector Content Patch Announcement

The official Albion Online homepage just announced the Hector update, teasing the content that will be included in next weeks large content patch, scheduled for June 7th. Below you will find a writeup including personal comments and links. Additional information that we collected from other sources is added where it is relevant, namely from the ‘Battle Howl’ twitch stream where game designers Lino Claudius aka H4n1baL and Korn discussed some further details of this release.

Comment: Last big patch before relase, lots of cool updates. A lot of the information is spread throughout different places. We collected and sorted it for you. Once the patchnotes release, we will post a patchnotes comment blog post as well. During this weeks podcast we will discuss the changes in Hector. Make sure to tune in for that probably longer than ususal show this week.

Hector Patch Content Details

Outlands Redesign

The outlands will recieve a massive change, both due to changes to how the outlands can be accessed and due to how resource spawns will be distributed from now on.

Outlands Access Route Changes

  • all outland cities will be removed
  • all harbors will be removed
  • the outlands can only be accessed through a large portal from Caerleon (central red city on the royal continent)
  • after clicking the portal in Caerleon you can choose one of 16 portals in the outlands (8 in low ;  4 in mid ; 4 in high)

  • the exit portal zone will be handeled similar to a zone exit, meaning you will have a bubble once you spawn and you can go back and forth
  • you will be locked to that specific exit for 10 minutes once you go through and to all exits of a similar level (low, mid, high) for 1 hour
  • removal of zones on June 7th means removal of those banks! evacuate your stuff now!
  • zones that will be removed:
    • Aberdown Harbor
    • Cawl Quay
    • Clack Quay
    • Farewich
    • Fort Thursair
    • Harlech Quay
    • Lowe Quay
    • Lyme Harbor
    • Mull Quay
    • Noss Quay
    • Pember Quay
    • Sheerbrough
    • Sunder Quay
    • Tenby Quay

Outlands Resource Spawn Changes

  • no more ‘mega nodes’ ; new T8 nodes will have 27 ; T7 nodes will have 23 charges
  • T8 nodes will only spawn inside watchtower territorries
    • 3 T8 nodes per territorry
    • respawn time of the resource node will be equal to the GvG slot time of each watchtower territorry
    • watchtower territorries can be raided and resources harvested by anyone (different to previous where only the owner could harvest)
  • all outlands will have a equal distribution of ‘normal’ resource node spawns
    • spawn rates of ‘rare’ resources (.1 .2 .3) will be different based on the zone tier (low, mid, high)
      • current testing spawn rates are:
        • low: 5.5% to spawn any rare node (5% .1 ; 0.45 .2 ; 0.05 .3)
        • mid: 11% to spawn any rare node (10% .1 ; 0.9% .2 ; 0.1% .3)
        • high: 22% to spawn any rare node (20% .1 ; 1.8% .2 ; 0.2% .3)
  • guards of the watchtower zones will have a 20min respawn timer

Comment: The values of 5.5%, 11% and 22% are confirmed, the spawn rates for .2 and .3 are deducted based off a comment made during the stream, which is in line with previous spawn rates of 1/10th of the previous rarity – corrections welcome if you have any!

Economy Changes and Introduction of the Black Market Feature

  • essences will be removed from the game (for now) and will no longer be part of any crafting recipes
  • a new NPC, called the Black Market will be introduced to ensure the link between PvE and player crafted items

  • this NPC will be located in Caerleon
  • he ‘buys’ player crafted items that will then (and only if players sell to him) drop in the open world as rewards for killing mobs
  • in addition to buying and then ‘dropping’ player made items in the open world he will act as an item sink to the game ‘loosing’ some of the items sold to him
  • amounts of bought items and prices of items are related to how many mobs die in the open world and drop ‘his’ items

Hellgates recieve a full re-design

Comment: we talked about the details of the HG re-design already in a previous blog post, please check it out there or read the old official announcement for details

For good measure a copy paste of parts of our previous post in case you missed it, including the dog-face new HG map. It does look like a dog, right?

We will get an all new map with minibosses in the corners and a final boss in the center that spawns after all minibosses are down. Hellgates will be split into 3 different types:

  • Ashen: 2-player teams yellow zone rules (knockdown & teleport out), T4 mobs, 700 item power soft cap, x1.5 fame modifier, hostile counter on, portals spawn in green zones
  • Ignited: 5-player teams yellow zone rules (knockdown & teleport out), T5 mobs, 800 item power soft cap, x1.5 fame modifier, hostile counter on, portals spawn in yellow zones
  • Infernal: 5-player teams black zone rules (death & full loot) ; essentially the old HG rules, no item power cap and no hostile counter; fame value modifier x2.5

New mounts with skills

Comment: MOUNTS! Hats next? Faction mounts seem super rare and a good reason to do open world raid bosses now.

  • new mounts:
    • faction mounts
      • factions: undead, morgana, keeper (a T5 and T8 version each)
      • resources needed to craft those drop only from the weekly raid bosses
    • rare world drop mounts
      • giant stag (T4)
      • ancient mammoth (T8)
      • fawns and calfs will drop similar to direwolf pups in the open world, no further bossdrops needed
    • some of those mounts will have their own skills

Comment: Skills are unknown at this point. Once the patch goes up on the test server we should get a XML dump and can look at details. Follow on twitter to get notified once the details break.

New tutorial for new players

  • updated tutorial that will provide players with a T2 cape and T2 mount once completed

Comment: Much needed to improve the new player experience, especially the mount! We might do a playthrough and report on any hickups or problems during the process.

User Interface Updates

  • updated UI part II, things will look better
  • you can now (un-)track DB nodes of your choice (!)
  • players have a mana bar below their HP bar now

Comment: We saw a leaked screenshot of that earlier already and posted about it. Now it is finally in the game. 

Armor Visual Rework

  • armors get an update and make-over to ‘improve readability’

Comment: No more ‘shitty 2015 phone’ graphics! Welcome to 2017 boys and girls. Looks pretty cool if you ask me.


  • open world PVE changes
    • to bring more variety
      • solo dungeons will have now have a ‘medium-sized mobcamp’
      • maps with group dungeons will be replaced by new maps designed around a ‘very large mob camp’
      • some new dungeons (multi-layered) for the morgana and undead factions
      • the earthmother is back (Caerfyddin will be removed and a new map called Inis Mon will be in its place)
  • potion rebalance
  • world map improvements

Comments: Details of those hints are unknown and we’ll have to take a look at the testserver once it is up. Korn commented on the potion thing during Kostan’s twitch stream with a design idea they are toying around with currently:

Korn_AlbionOnline: we are thinking about having essences exclusively drop from altars, and make them a special ingredient for “Level 4” Potions called elixirs

Korn_AlbionOnline: i.e. largest heal pot + essence = heal elixir

Korn_AlbionOnline: altars would be unrestricted PvP then of course

Source Links

Development Recap & Twitch Stream Interview

Development Recap Youtube Video & Twitch Battle Howl Show

A few days prior to releasing the Hector news, a dev recap video was published. Most of the content discussed there is included in the Hector post above and we will not repeat it. Additional tidbits of info from the dev recap video and a dev interview during Kostan’s stream below.

Comment: Just when people start asking about Robin on the forums, and assume he is busy getting a new haircut he shows up again! Okay content and video.

  • the dev team was not happy with black zone cities, because of poor access to activities and crafted goods, which lead to their removal in Hector
  • the dev team are not entirely comfortable with to many Zergs in the outlands and want to encourage smaller groups as well, while maintaining some big fights like castles
  • goal to increase outlands activity through the features we see in hector
    • portals / city removal
    • resource rebalance
  • they are still testing the zerg blob-dot mechanic for the minimap and will wait until after Hector to decide
  • on royal continent watchtowers:
    • some will be replaced by farmlands
    • they will turn into unrestricted PvP zones
  • you can ride your mount around and reach all outland zones from anywhere in the outlands
    • outlands will not turn into seperate islands as some feared
  • they are not sure how or if they change refining amounts of resources
    • (question came up b/c of removal of mega nodes)
  • they love seeing all the feedback, keep it up!
  • smartcast is coming at some point; but they can not say when
  • more cosmetics will come in the future


Phew! That was a lot and I’m sure we’ll have some more news in the coming weeks.

— END —

have a nice day :)

News Roundup Week #2 of May 2017

Galahad Patch #6 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 84315 / 11 May 2017

We skipped a few weeks since we last spoke on the subject of news.

Well, here is the writeup since last time!

Official News

Hellgates: Upcoming New Map and Improvements

Comment: Long overdue re-design of the hellgates. I recommend reading the official post yourself, because its quite interesting but check below for the TL;DR.

We will get an all new map with minibosses in the corners and a final boss in the center that spawns after all minibosses are down. Hellgates will be split into 3 different types:

  • Ashen: 2-player teams yellow zone rules (knockdown & teleport out), T4 mobs, 700 item power soft cap, x1.5 fame modifier, hostile counter on, portals spawn in green zones
  • Ignited: 5-player teams yellow zone rules (knockdown & teleport out), T5 mobs, 800 item power soft cap, x1.5 fame modifier, hostile counter on, portals spawn in yellow zones
  • Infernal: 5-player teams black zone rules (death & full loot) ; essentially the old HG rules, no item power cap and no hostile counter; fame value modifier x2.5

Also, the new HG map looks like a dog-face, doesn’t it?

New HG map layout:

Community News

Upcomming content patch: Hector

Comment: SBI is internally prepping for the next big content updated which is called Hector. No official news or testserver content is released yet, only a few teaser dev-comments on the forums. My guess is that this will be one of their last big content patches before they start drumming the marketing machine for release, which is exactly 2 months from today btw.

  • Bercilak commented on the official Albion Discord channel that they are internally trying to get Hector out somewhere between  week #4 of May and week #1 of June.

Albion Online Twitch Channel

The official Albion Online Twitch Channel is showing recent activity.

Comment: Content includes community talk shows with Kostan #1 #2, some GvG shoutcasting, and a showcase of the upcomming HG content. Seems like they are starting to get a bit more into the regular twitch content.

Guild Spotlight: Say My Name

Comment: Frenchie HC style guild according to UrzaKe’s writeup. I love their logo, its so incredibly internet random.  A danger sign that contains walter white, a french stache and bones, WTF ?

Other News

We are ramping up the releases of content on this blog. Most of what you see currently is purely test content. We will hopefully launch properly in a few weeks. Once we do, we’ll post it on the forums and so on.