PvP Leaderboards: Week #1 of May 2017

Current Patch: Galahad Patch #5 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 82981 / 27 April 2017

A new week, a new PvP Leaderboard! Yay!

Let’s go look.

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Largest Battles

Comment: We saw a nice 6.78m fame battle this week, doubling all other battle fame, featuring  11 different guilds. Largest score goes to Tea Party with 56-10 K/D and Echo of Silence taking a ball to the face at 32-70 K/D. Ouch. Most people are smacking each other in 6.1 and 6.2. Big deaths fame wise are artifact weapons and 6.2+ gear guys. Check out the details below.

Largest Battles – Week #1 of May 2017
Started (UTC) Players Total Kills Total Fame
01.05.2017 01:33:47 234 138 6.78m Details
07.05.2017 17:35:19 143 41 3.35m Details
06.05.2017 22:53:59 89 36 2.95m Details
02.05.2017 03:51:46 66 37 2.67m Details
06.05.2017 11:53:47 10 9 2.56m Details

Top Kill Fame (Player)

Comment: Average killfame of the top#10 is about 3.5m again. Similar to last week. Jokeroyuncu and ZoN made it back into the top#10 again from last week, with Joker securing a better and better spot every week for 3 weeks in a row. Respect. SirGalaahad on #1 this week wrecking in hell gates with his friends Far & Ninja from Grief. Those juicy 7.1 and 7.2 killfame numbers! Some of the players from the last weeks are missing, specifically the Tea Party and the Red Army guys.

Week #1 of May 2017
Top Kill Fame (Player)
# Player Alliance Guild Fame
1 SirGaalahad Tetra-Phi 4.10m
2 Jokeroyuncu Articulo Mortis 3.82m
3 ShinnoK [FAME] Envy 3.78m
4 HAEL2K [FAME] Envy 3.53m
5 Far Grief 3.45m
6 JapaneseNinja Grief 3.37m
7 KingMoJo [OOPS] Red Army 3.36m
8 ZoN Articulo Mortis 3.18m
9 Norzor [OOPS] Red Army 3.17m
10 reizerrr [RUS] THE ABYSS 3.08m

Top Kill Fame (Guild)

Comment: Red Army and Envy sharing the top spot with almost 73m kill fame this week. Nilfgaard dropping to rank#4 from last weeks top spot. New guilds in the top#10 this week: ZORN, Ad Honores, THE ABYSS.

Top Kill Fame (Guild)
# Guild Fame
1 Red Army 72.83m
2 Envy 72.70m
3 Articulo Mortis 55.12m
4 Nilfgaard 48.11m
5 Tea Party 40.85m
6 Echo of Silence 40.17m
7 Say My Name 32.89m
8 ZORN 26.11m
9 Ad Honores 23.21m
10 THE ABYSS 19.86m

GvG – Most Attacks Won

Comment: Red Army at #1 again this week. Thats 3 weeks in a row now.  Fewer GvG attacks won total compared to last week gave you a spot in the top#10 this week. New Guilds in the top#10 this week: The Fleet, Mercenarios, KDS. It seems like some of the kill fame isnt coming from the high level GvGs this month, but from hellgates and open world.

GVG – Most Attacks Won
# Guild Att. won
1 Red Army 15
2 Nilfgaard 11
3 Envy 10
4 Echo of Silence 8
5 Articulo Mortis 8
6 Say My Name 5
7 Gentlemen 5
8 The Fleet 5
9 Mercenarios 4
10 KDS 4

GvG – Most Defenses Won

Comment: Similar to attacks won, Red Army is also in the #1 spot on defenses this week. Some heavy fighting going on for RA. 21 Defenses Won + 15 Attacks won = 36 total win GvGs ; not counting lost ones thats more than 4 GvGs per day on average. Whew Red Army! Doing some work.

GVG – Most defenses won
# Guild Def. won
1 Red Army 21
2 Echo of Silence 14
3 Envy 13
4 Articulo Mortis 8
5 The Fleet 8
6 Say My Name 7
7 Nilfgaard 7
8 Exertion 7
9 Core 5

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Weekly PvP Update – Week#4 of April

Current Game Version: Galahad Patch #5 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 82981

Ladies and Gentlemen,

the calendar turned to another week and thus it is time to review last weeks PvP leaderboards. This weeks special bonus includes a comparison between march and april 2017.

Please send corrections, comments, additional hints or links as always to me here: email@emailadress

Let’s do this!

Top Kill Fame (Player)

Comment: The only repeat offender in this weeks Top#10 Kill Fame is Jokeroyuncu, good job! Virtually all of the high scoring kill fame players last week are part of GvG teams fighting in and against 7.2 or higher, scoring 400k – 600k per kill. We should see even higher numbers soon as guilds start to gear their top teams in T8. [ENVY]’s GvG team had a smashing week with 4 out of the top 5 players ranking high this week.

Week #4 of April 2017 Week #3 of April 2017
Top Kill Fame (Player) Top Kill Fame (Player)
# Player Fame # Player Fame
1 fonzieman [ENVY] – Tea Party 4.06m 1 KingMoJo [ENVY] – Red Army 4.41m
2 Talagul [ENVY] – Tea Party 4.03m 2 Derrick [ENVY] – Red Army 4.40m
3 Gooch [ENVY] – Tea Party 3.82m 3 Jabka [ZERG] – Nilfgaard 4.35m
4 Soghin [ENVY] – Tea Party 3.71m 4 Norzor [ENVY] – Red Army 4.26m
5 Jokeroyuncu [SW] – Articulo Mortis 3.71m 5 9thWonderBanger [ENVY] – Red Army 4.26m
6 Bloodjer [ENVY] – Tea Party 3.68m 6 Jokeroyuncu [SW] – Articulo Mortis 4.02m
7 FuS Exertion 3.28m 7 WoFElder [ZERG] – Nilfgaard 3.97m
8 ZoN [SW] – Articulo Mortis 3.21m 8 Truegod [ZERG] – Nilfgaard 3.70m
9 Kubb Exertion 3.04m 9 NINJAO [ZERG] – Nilfgaard 3.50m
10 energylegs Exertion 3.04m 10 Toriblacklol Whisper of Loudness 3.47m

Top Kill Fame (Guild)

Comment: Last week we saw Nilfgaard and Envy hitting almost exactly the same total killfame at 53.00m and 52.98m fame respectively. Compared to last week Nilfgaard managed to score an astonishing 30m less in killfame – [reason needs research still]. Almost all of the top#10 guilds from last week made it into this weeks top#10 again, with the exception of ‘Old School’ dropping out and ‘Honor and Glory’ making it into the top#10 this week.

Top Kill Fame (Guild) Top Kill Fame (Guild)
# Guild (April Week #4) Fame # Guild (April Week#3) Fame
1 Nilfgaard 53.00m 1 Nilfgaard 80.49m
2 Envy 52.98m 2 Red Army 50.65m
3 Tea Party 45.30m 3 Articulo Mortis 44.77m
4 Articulo Mortis 44.12m 4 Envy 43.48m
5 Echo of Silence 42.71m 5 Echo of Silence 42.77m
6 Exertion 40.67m 6 Tea Party 41.04m
7 Red Army 37.04m 7 Exertion 33.72m
8 Core 35.66m 8 Old School 30.21m
9 Say My Name 33.51m 9 Say My Name 27.57m
10 Honor n Glory 20.12m 10 Core 26.82m

GvG Most Attacks Won

Comment: Red Army and EOS sharing the top spot at 14 GvGs won this week, followed by Exertion. Exertion increasing their efforts this week. [some kind of further research for the reasaon should be here].

# Guild (April Week#4) Att. won # Guild (April Week#3) Att. won
1 Echo of Silence 14 1 Red Army 18
2 Red Army 14 2 Echo of Silence 11
3 Exertion 10 3 Articulo Mortis 10
4 Core 9 4 Whisper of Loudness 9
5 Envy 9 5 Nilfgaard 8
6 Nilfgaard 9 6 Exertion 8
7 Say My Name 7 7 Gentlemen 6
8 Articulo Mortis 7 8 Envy 5
9 Whisper of Loudness 7 9 Infinite 4
10 Gentlemen 4 10 Say My Name 4

GvG Most Defenses Won

Comment: Red Army still in the top spot week over week, with more defenses won than last week. Red Army under pressure? With almost 3 won defenses a day for last week, Red Army certainly has both their hands full with action. Some might call it an outright war against xx? While we were a bit concerned about Articulo Mortis last week it seems like the number of attacks on them has decreased [reason?].

[some kind of further research for the reasaon should be here].

# Guild (April Week#4) Def. won # Guild (April Week#3) Def. won
1 Red Army 20 1 Red Army 16
2 Exertion 15 2 Articulo Mortis 14
3 Echo of Silence 12 3 Exertion 11
4 Articulo Mortis 12 4 Nilfgaard 9
5 Envy 7 5 Echo of Silence 5
6 Core 6 6 Mercenarios 5
7 Nilfgaard 6 7 SUN 5
8 Say My Name 5 8 Luna Prima 5
9 The Fleet 5 9 Whisper of Loudness 5
10 Whisper of Loudness 5 10 Core 4

Largest Battles

Comment: Last weeks largest battle at 3m total fame fell much short of previous weeks massive 9m and 6m fame battles between Red Army, Tea Party, Nilfgaard and … (insert video links 1/2/3). Last weeks top battles include Echo of Silence and Old School taking a slap on the butt at 3.02m total fame and Team Casualty and Tea Party getting plowed for 2.79m total killfame.¬†

Week #4 of April 2017
Started (UTC) Players Total Kills Total Fame
24.04.2017 02:09:43 170 75 3.02m Details
24.04.2017 01:56:57 138 80 2.79m Details
27.04.2017 23:46:25 12 4 2.22m Details
24.04.2017 02:24:30 147 48 2.09m Details
29.04.2017 18:55:56 52 30 1.97m Details
Week #3 of April 2017
Started (UTC) Players Total Kills Total Fame
23.04.2017 17:02:21 216 139 9.35m Details
23.04.2017 18:14:16 226 93 6.49m Details
17.04.2017 01:39:05 130 96 3.19m Details
18.04.2017 21:10:08 87 42 3.13m Details
19.04.2017 20:51:14 103 40 2.61m Details


Week #3 of April 2017

Official News:

The Testserver has been updated with a new Test Version.

Comment: Mostly fixes, but two interesting game-changing updates. Read below.

Groups of 10+ players in black zones will be displayed on the minimap.

Comment: Accoding to the patchnotes they will test how displaying zergs (greater than 10 players) showing up on the minimap in blackzones influences black zone dynamics. This test will run for a duration of 2 weeks once the patch goes live. It works similar to the old dots on the minimap, but instead of one dot per player, we will see one large dot per zerg. If you happen do play after the patch goes live, remember to leave feedback.

Guild Rank Permission Adjustments

Comment: In my opinion a welcome change to allow for more ranks to be given to guild members. This change will help preventing one of the worst case scenarios for guilds which is officers dropping the home plot to enemy guilds.


  • “Right Hand” can now manage alliance features in addition to the guild leader.
  • “Master of Coin” can now linger give up territories, destroy buildings or take control of buildings. Main distinction from the “Officer” role is being able to manage guild tax and guild account as well as the ability to kick players from guild.
  • “Warmaster” can no longer give up territories, destroy buildings or take control of buildings. Main distinction from the “Officer” role is being able to declare GVG attacks and kick players from the guild.
  • “Officer” can now promote & demote players up to “Guardsman” rank.

Other Changes

Reduced time to teleport out of a dungeon from 60 to 30 seconds (teleporting out of a dungeon is less safe than logging out but had the same time investment).

As always,  you can find the full patch notes and fixes at this link: http://staging.albiononline.com/

Other Official News:

Guild Spotlight: “Haus Stark”

Comment: Nice read, but no juicy gossip content ;). Small Scale German Guild with about 50 active members. Check them out if you speak german!

Albion Armory: “Infinite Sword Swinger”

Comment: Lol that name. Otherwise an okay read if you want to learn how to use a build that consists of Clarent Blade, Sarcophagus Shield, Guardian Helmet, Assasins Jacket, Knight Boots. The comments to the news suggest that this is a fairly common and know build amog the pvp crowd.

Unofficial Community News

Caerleon Duel Tournament

Endymion hosted a duel tournament on 22/04 at XX UTC. You can find the link below. There are two brackets, one capped at 900 item level and one uncapped for show-off purposes. Main prizes include siver and other stuff […]

Leaked screenshot of the new character bars UI design

Source: Initilal thread by Rosalia.

Comment: Finally a mana bar! Looks cool imo.

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