Albion Informer’s Launch Week Links Guide


welcome to the magical world of Albion Online.

In this guide we have collected various useful links, guides and tips to make your Albion Online launch-week more enjoyable.

This blog post is directed both at new and experienced players alike and will develop over time as more resources are added by the community.

If you think we are missed any useful resource, please let us know on the forums or on Discord and we will gladly add your resource to the list!

If you would like to bookmark this list, please use the link below, because I will update the page below, but not this post:

Official Sources & Websites

We begin with a list of official websites and social media accounts where most of the official announcements and news will be listed and re-posted. Some more in-depth content such as testserver patch notes or a dev-tracker show up on various other places and will be listed seperately.

Other Official Sources

The famous killboard, where you can look up recent kills, battles, gvgs and other good pvp stats. The character builder & guides websites are in early production, but have a few good ones. You can even upvote your favorite ones.

In addition to that we recommend the testserver forum for testserver patchnote threads and the official patchnote websites visible in the launcher and the website.

If you are still looking for a guild, make sure to keep an eye on the guild recruitment forum section of the official forums.

If you have a beginner question, there is a beginner question’s forum for you. Maybe your question was already answered?

Unofficial Fansites, Guides and Useful Links

Is my Albion Online?

Lets start with, it is a super quickly coded tiny website that checks if the albion servers are online, similar to our launcher. But some of you might not have your launcher on other devices.

Beginner Guides by Scythian

If you are looking for beginner guides for yourself or to link to your friends, we recomment the guides by Scythian on the official guides section. He wrote guides for the tutorial starting quest, the follow up quest and how to get your free T2 starting mount, how to go about unlocking all T3 weapons, armor & crafting and how to tackle the first expeditions on T3.

Ver’s Spreadsheet

Ver collected a lot of useful links in his awesome spreadsheet. I might as well admit that I stole some of the links posted here from him in the first place ;).  But a big shoutout to Ver!

On his spreadsheet you can find among many other links..

Elsa’s Item Skills & Stats Spreadsheet

Elsa, one of the Super Moderators of the forum made a very handy Item Skills & Stats Spreadsheet where you can find an overview and detailed stats about all the skills of the game, presented in a nice and easily readable format. It also has tables about stats of armors, mounts, accessories and other neat stuff for you stat fanatics out there.

ChronoChimera Cheat Sheet

ChronoChimera‘s cheat sheet updated last for Hector has a lot of useful ingame information. Timer reset times, respawn timers of various chests, loot tables, drop chances for mount babys, puppys & fawns, fame modifiers for zones, premium bonus details, group fame modifiers, a list of chat & emote commands, the item power softcap table, expedition mob details, the black market forumla, island upgrade costs and other info.

Once you got into the game a bit and are looking for more details, its highly recommendet!

Inofficial Dev-post Tracker

I have to say I hate Albion Offline with a passion, because the only thing they to is automate and repost official content without anything interesting added to that for what I assume is ad revenue. But they have to my knowledge the only working dev-tracker for Albion Online currently.

Albion  Item Database Websites

AlbionOnline2D (AO2D) is a database tools website that is under development, but already has a lot of promissing features. In addition to a working item and spells database it features an albion map for your browser that reminds me of eve’s dotlan. It’s not perfect yet, but worth bookmarking for sure.

AlbionHead is a items, spells and patchnotes website that has a sleek look and a promissing item and spells database.

Other Links & Resources
Albion Trade Federation – Out-of-Game Trade Discord

The Albion Trade Federation Discord is an out-of-game discord trade chat to post WTB / WTS / WTT offers and chat with fellow merchants and traders. Disclaimer: This is my side-project.

Guild Registry

The player HaH Reported periodically updates his Guild Registry thread, which is worth checking out as well, if you want an overview about guilds or are looking for a new one.

Startup Costs Spreadsheet

A very useful spreadsheet is the ‘Startup Costs‘ spreadsheet, that has some simulations on tax income for guilds, but also building costs (silver & resources detailed in very helpful tables. Check it out for sure.

((if you know who made this, please let me know so i can credit him))

Albion Informer

Albion Informer is a weekly podcast and news blog by Shozen and Bogul featuring official and community news, discussion about game updates, spotlights of community events and interviews with famous and infamous community members.

— END —

If you have other links for me, please PM me and i’ll add them!


Special: End of Beta Leaderboards

Just before final beta came to an end this sunday, I took a few screenshots of the leaderboards to conserve them for history.

These screenshots were taken on july 6th roughly 13:00 UTC to avoid any end of beta fame fu**ery and weird attempts at getting the highest killfame for a kill this beta, just like Aggressor and Mohicans did by loading up their inventory with as much high tier gear as they could find in their warchests.

Those screenshots more or less represent the ‘final standings’ of this beta.

I know a lot of people will say: “meh, fame is gamable – you just saw that at the end”, but its one of the best metrics we have to look back at what happened.

Lets take a look.

Comment: The screenshots posted will be without a comment for now, if I have time I may add a comment or two later. I understand that I am missing a few screenshots, namely alliance rankings. If you have them from any date  close to before the end of beta weekend events started, let me know and i’ll add them below for completeness sake.

Fame – Players

Fame – Guilds

Kill Value – Players

Kill Value – Guilds

Resource Value – Players

Resource Value – Guilds

Silver Collected – Players

Silver Collected – Guilds

Territorries Owned – Guilds



Special: 5vs5 Invitational Tournament Recap

With final beta coming to an end this weekend, we see a bunch of events to celebrate those last days of final beta. Part of the end of beta celebration week is a 5vs5 Invitational Tournament that will be the content of todays blog-post.

5vs5 Invitational Tournament

To celebrate the end of final some of the best GvG teams were invited by Evoque and the caster team of AlbionTV to fight it out in a last and glorious beta tournament.

16 guilds were invited to participate in the multi-day international tournament for pride and honor. The initial matches were BO3, while the finals were BO5. Participants had to bring their own gear, but they only got knocked down – so no gear loss had to be expected. A gear cap also existed that was set at the equivalent of T7.0.

Here is the full bracket with all the participating guilds:

At the end of this post you can also find links to the VODs of each tournament day and a nice youtube cut if you only want to see the fights.

Comment: Some of the fights are really good and I recommend to watch at least the fights from the later rounds of the tournament, as they are shorter than 5minutes each. One of my personal highlights was a splash screen that gave us yet another name for what we used to call final beta. From now on we will refer to it as “third beta“. Heh.

For the keen reader of our blog and listeners of our podcast, you might have noticed that Red Army – one of the most successful teams this beta declined to join the tournament. As far as we understand they had scheduling issues so they could not participate this time. We saw a lot of good fights however and I hope this tournament may turn into a regular thing.

Check out the links to the vods & videos below. VODs

Fights Only

For those of you who do not want to watch the full stream, there is a nice post on the official forums by Deathbec0mes where he cut out everything except for the fights and put it on youtube.

— END —

have a nice day :)

Patchnote Comments: Hector Patches #3 & Hotfix #3

Today we will take a quick look at some recent patchnotes.

My apologies for the recent radio silence. Both of us took some time off to travel. I made my way back safely to Germany and Shozen enjoyed a nice few days off during July 4th. Now we should be rested properly for launch week. We are looking forward to it for sure. Expect more regular content in the coming weeks.

Today marks the start of us resuming normal operation.

Patchnote Comments

A lot of fixes and updates, but also 2-3 important changes to take note of! Read on below.

Hector Hotfix #3 / Version 1.0.326 – REV 90357 / 5th July 2017


  • Adjusted Item Power progression to give reduced IP bonuses at higher power levels.

Comment: The item power curve changes caused some discussion after they were mentioned in the patchnotes. An explanation of how item power works was posted by Korn here. Community Manager Enya aka Axolotl also provided us with a table that details the exact item values for each item tier.

The main discussion is a philosophical one in my opinion: Should the item power curve be flattened at the very top (the devs think it should) or would that impact how players perceive the worthiness of high tier gear to much?

I think we have to re-visit this discussion in about a month or two, once those items exist and a general ‘feeling’ established itself among the community.

  • Changed duration of Gigantify potion from 15s to 10s.


  • Fixed a miscalculation with new transmutation costs (should all now be half as expensive).
  • Fixed an issue where AoE effects from inside an unrestricted PvP area could incorrectly harm some people outside the area.
  • Fixed an issue with friend requests.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not get up if you were teleported into a GvG while knocked down.
  • Removed some unnecessary stats from the expanded inventory UI.

Hector Patch #3 / Version 1.0.326 – REV 89865 / 30 June 2017


  • Rewards (such as Founder status and associated bonuses) can now be claimed on the character of your choice using the new Claim menu in the cog menu in the top right.

Comment: This is important to everyone, since now you will not get your items with the first character you create anymore, but instead you have to claim them properly through the menu. Also, don’t forget to activate your premium when you start the game come release!

  • Fame gains are now shown in the combat log.

Comment: Finally!

Long overdue QoL change that is expected functionality by many.

  • Extended offscreen nametag hiding to starter towns and start areas

Perfect defenses in GvG (ie victory without losing a single point) will no longer bind you to the territory you were defending.

Comment: This is big for no-show situations!

Should make a lot of people pretty happy and should prevent locking down teams in no-show situations.

  • Improved item durability icons.
  • Substantial update of undead sounds.


  • Cley Hill is now correctly set to have its prime time at 1800UTC.
  • Renamed Dewleaf Fen in the Outlands to Bootsuck Fen, as it shared a name with a cluster on the Royal Continent (the latter remains unchanged).
  • Changed timing patterns of castle fights:
    • 1st week: at the region prime time
    • 2nd week: 2 hours AFTER the region prime time
    • 3rd week: 2 hours BEFORE the region prime time
    • 4th week and beyond: repeats
    • This should maximize the number of people who will get to participate in castle fights at some point

Comment: An interesting change to how castles will work overall now. It should allow for more players to be able to participate in the larger open world fights. An interesting sidenote is that this time shifting feature may be applied to other timers in-game if that design suites the feature.

  • Watchtower guards on the Royal continent will now attack blue-flagged players within range (except those in their owning Guild, of course).
  • Harvesting protection has been removed from all territories.
  • Removed unnecessary siege camp from Lichendell.
  • Reduced resource weight reduction for gatherer backpacks from 50% to 30%

Comment: Did you ever try to load a mammoth with a backpack on? People told me it has more space than the guildbank in that case. So maybe the overshot the target with the previous balancing a bit.

  • Increased the buff gained from killing Hellgate minibosses from 120s to 180s.
  • Slightly reduced silver and loot in Ignited Hellgate.
  • Fixed transmutation costs, which had not been updated in some time and were out of sync with reality.

Comment: Royal Sigil is still 5:1 (lower tier: higher tier), Essences are still 10:1 (lower tier: higher tier), Runes are still 5:1 and 20:1 (Essences) Relics are still 5:1 and 20:1 (Souls).

I also looked at other resources, but I don’t recall the previous values – does anyone know?

Looking in-game at T8, you can transmute one unrefined T8.0 resource to a 8.3 resource for about 180k silver. Is that still the same?

  • All hide mobs and critters are now standard difficulty (T7 and T8 were previously veteran difficulty).

Comment: This is important news for high tier gathers, since that makes some mobs now solo-able that we previously potentially to hard or to slow to kill.

  • Undead Shade‘s Energy Drain ability is now interruptible.
  • Heretic Archer‘s Aimed Shot ability: damage reduced by 10%.
  • Heretic Thief‘s Feverish ability: bonus attack speed reduced by 30%.
  • Undead Ghoul‘s Hurl and Barf abilities: damage reduced by 11%.
  • Adjusted Lumber Lunacy expedition’s mob placement a little to smooth difficulty.
  • Filtering for a particular quality in the marketplace will now only show items of that quality, rather than of that quality or above.
  • While holding RMB to move, non-channeled/cast-time abilities will no longer interrupt movement.
  • Ground-targeted abilities will now always cast immediately upon mouse down – players will no longer attempt to move into range before casting.
  • Oxen now gain 5% movement speed per tier.

Comment: Weeee. Should change the feel of oxen gameplay and make them more rewarding and creating more demand for higher tier oxen. Will it affect if people take them out more? Maybe, but probably not in the black zones anyway.

  • Mammoth mount movement speed increased by 20%.
  • The first of the three starter regions (Landings/Beachheads) in each start area has had the ” #1″ removed from its name; the second and third regions in each group still have their ” #2″ and ” #3″.
  • Made a minor adjustment to Journeyman Gatherer nodes on Destiny Board; now require the same amount of Fame and LP to progress efficiently, but the LP threshold is 30% rather than 50%.

Combat balance changes

Comment: The Nature and Spear reworks are quite big, so if you plan on using any of those two weapons you should take a closer look!

Leather Equipment

Added new passive Balanced Mind (gives some damage/heal and some resistances)
Removed the Constitution passive


Heavy Smash
Cast Time: 0s -> 0.5s
Hit delay: 0.4s -> 0
Stand time: 1.5s -> 1.2s

Cursed Staffs

Area of Decay
First Hit: 0s -> 0.5s delay
Hit interval: 1.2s -> 1s

Frost Staffs

Freezing Wind
Increased the area of effect
Range: 10m -> 12m

Holy Staffs

Heal: 189.54 -> 262.44 (38% increase)


Battle Howl
Radius: 5.5m -> 4.5m

Nature Staffs

First Tick, after spell hit: 1s -> 0s
Standtime: 0.4s -> 0.2s
Rejuvenating Mushroom
Reworked: Now applies stacks of Rejuvenation on allies in a 5m radius once stepped into.
Cast Time: 1s -> 0s
Hit Delay: 0 -> 0.5s
Area Duration: 12s -> 20s
Protection of Nature
Resistance Increase: 0.38 -> 0.24
Added a Healing Received buff (50%)
Duration: 10s -> 8s
Energy cost: 11 -> 12
Cast Time: 1s -> 0s
Circle of Life
Reworked: Heals up to 5 allies in a radius around the caster. The healing strength depends on the Rejuvenation stacks on each ally. Consumes all charges of the healed allies.
Radius: 7m -> 11m
Cast Time: 1.5s -> 1s
Cooldown: 10s -> 15s
Living Armor
Removed the Healing Received increase (was 39%)
Added an effect where the target also gets healed every time they are damaged
AR/MR Increase: 0.34 -> 0.31
Duration: 8s -> 10s
Cooldown: 30s -> 20s
Well of Life
Cast Time: 2s -> 1s
Heal per tick: 22.98 -> 27.16 (18% increase)
Energy cost: 23 -> 20


Lunging Strike
Hitting at max stack no longer consumes your stacks.
Spirit Spear
Reapplying at maximum stacks no longer consumes your stacks. Instead, you lose additional extra energy when reapplying at maximum stacks.
Energy cost: 4 -> 3
Forest of Spears
Tick Interval: 0.5s -> 0.3s
Increased the damage area (the area is now also telegraphed)
Inner Focus
Energy cost: 16 -> 13


Comment: Finishing up the last touches of things that had to be done before release. I like it. Lets power through that backlog!

  • Adjusted critter counts in Outlands passages downwards to match design intent.
  • Fixed Greytop Pound having two hellgate locations.
  • Fixed an issue where mobs/chests in Hellgates were not dropping enough silver.
  • Royal Armor (all slots) now correctly has the CC Resistance passive rather than the Cooldown Reduction passive.
  • Royal Boots now have the Run ability rather than the Wanderlust ability, as intended.
  • Royal Sandals now correctly have access to the Efficiency passive.
  • Fixed an issue with passive abilities on Lumberjack Workboots.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the client when harvesting.
  • Fixed a visual issue with lumberjack miniboss’ backpack.
  • Removed an unnecessary warning when entering expeditions.
  • Fixed an issue with using “take all” in the marketplace under very specific conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where an unflagged player could incorrectly attack into an unrestricted PvP area without entering the area themselves.
  • Fixed some minor graphical issues on the Destiny Board.
  • Numerous world fixes.

Known issues

  • Player footstep sounds have been removed, but the UI still has an option to disable them.

— END —

that’s it for today

have a nice day :)

Official News Recap: Week #4 of June 2017

This week we had plenty of official news posts on the official Albion Online homepage. Lets take a look.

Rookies of the Month (June 2017)

In what seems to be a new segment on the official website, UrzakeFrostgard  writes a nice article, introducing three fairly unknown guilds: GoodFellas, Rangers of Celidon and Iron Bank. The GM’s of those guilds however, are no strangers in the community of Albion Online. While not many may have heard of RangerDovefalcan yet, Kutweer and Sharka are both veterans who have been playing Albion Online since early Alpha and are well known and respected in the community.

I recommend reading the nicely written spotlight, if you want to know more about those guilds. And good luck with your guild endeavours!

  • Link

    Guardians: An In-Depth Look

Enya does a nice writeup of the different open world bosses, which are called Guardians.

So far five different guardians exist, that are designed for 10 player groups:

  • Old White (Hide)
  • Ancient Ent (Wood)
  • Rock Giant (Rock)
  • Enormous Dryad (Fiber)
  • Ore Colossus (Ore)

“These big world bosses can be found in Tier 6 resource hotspots, and randomly respawn between 12 and 48 hours after being defeated. There is no way to know when a Guardian has spawned, so scout the area if you want to take one down.”

Check out the initial newspost for more details on HP, skills and more pretty screenshots!

  • Link

    Player Spotlight: Nausk

    In what seems to be a new segment on the official Albion Online homepage, we get an interview with Nausk, who is most famous for his solo ganking Blackzone Tales YouTube videoseries.

Check out the link to the spotlight, if you want to know more about Nausk or the link to the videos.

The official servers recieve a ‘massive hardware’ upgrade & Hector Patch #2 live.

As announced by Enya and after an extended downtime the servers are back up with new and improved hardware. Let’s see if it will hold up on release! :)

// edit: appareantly the whole upgrade of the hardware was delayed and not just the downtime

In addition to that, Hector Patch #2 went live on the main server. We already posted a Patchnote Comment post about it yesterday.

Here is the link again in case you missed it.

That’s it for today!

We are still working on our next podcast episode which will feature the second part of the interview with KingMojo and Norzor of Red Army!

If you want to hang out and chat with us or if you have any cool things we should mention here or on our podcast, make sure to join our discord!