Official News Recap: Week #4 of June 2017

This week we had plenty of official news posts on the official Albion Online homepage. Lets take a look.

Rookies of the Month (June 2017)

In what seems to be a new segment on the official website, UrzakeFrostgard  writes a nice article, introducing three fairly unknown guilds: GoodFellas, Rangers of Celidon and Iron Bank. The GM’s of those guilds however, are no strangers in the community of Albion Online. While not many may have heard of RangerDovefalcan yet, Kutweer and Sharka are both veterans who have been playing Albion Online since early Alpha and are well known and respected in the community.

I recommend reading the nicely written spotlight, if you want to know more about those guilds. And good luck with your guild endeavours!

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    Guardians: An In-Depth Look

Enya does a nice writeup of the different open world bosses, which are called Guardians.

So far five different guardians exist, that are designed for 10 player groups:

  • Old White (Hide)
  • Ancient Ent (Wood)
  • Rock Giant (Rock)
  • Enormous Dryad (Fiber)
  • Ore Colossus (Ore)

“These big world bosses can be found in Tier 6 resource hotspots, and randomly respawn between 12 and 48 hours after being defeated. There is no way to know when a Guardian has spawned, so scout the area if you want to take one down.”

Check out the initial newspost for more details on HP, skills and more pretty screenshots!

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    Player Spotlight: Nausk

    In what seems to be a new segment on the official Albion Online homepage, we get an interview with Nausk, who is most famous for his solo ganking Blackzone Tales YouTube videoseries.

Check out the link to the spotlight, if you want to know more about Nausk or the link to the videos.

The official servers recieve a ‘massive hardware’ upgrade & Hector Patch #2 live.

As announced by Enya and after an extended downtime the servers are back up with new and improved hardware. Let’s see if it will hold up on release! :)

// edit: appareantly the whole upgrade of the hardware was delayed and not just the downtime

In addition to that, Hector Patch #2 went live on the main server. We already posted a Patchnote Comment post about it yesterday.

Here is the link again in case you missed it.

That’s it for today!

We are still working on our next podcast episode which will feature the second part of the interview with KingMojo and Norzor of Red Army!

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Patchnote Comments: Hector Patch #2

Hector Patch #2 just went live on the main server!

Let’s take a look at the patchnotes below.

Hector Patch #2 / Version 1.0.326 – REV 88688 / 22 June 2017


  • Caerleon’s Bank and Marketplace are now in their own sub-areas in Caerleon.

Comment: This gives Caerleon its own special feel and atmosphere for the storage area. I am not sure whether or not I am happy with the look of the rather large entrance to the chest and bank areas. With an estimated large concurrent userbase in Caerleon come launch, seperate clusters seemed to be necessary. Let’s see how this turns out usability wise.

  • New starter areas have been added to help with potential overcapacity.

Comment: Sure, why not. They might just remove them again after launch, if they don’t need them anymore. I’ll have to find out though if the travel distance to a green city is the same one similar to the other starting areas. After a first glance on the map it seems like it is 1 more zone if you spawn in the new zones.

  • Black Market setup has been adjusted to increase the frequency with which armors and weapons will drop.
    • The immediate result of this change will be that armor prices increase ~9x faster, and weapon prices increase ~45x faster, than previously.
    • This in turn should mean that many more weapons and armors are sold to the Black Market (as it will now be offering good prices for them far more frequently), which will lead to higher drop rates for these items.
    • The effects of this change will not kick in immediately, because old orders will still need to process through the system before the changes take effect.

Comment: A lot of people complained about the BM and item drop frequency. Mind you in a state of the game with lower overall mob deaths due to end-of-beta fatigue and a bug that persisted where not all items dropped equally. I wonder if they overdid it, 45x faster? It will be interesting to see if the first person on the server after launch to hit T8 bags can sell them for 10m+ to the BM guy.

  • Improved quantity selection in crafting: it will now remember the last amount you selected so long as you keep crafting the same item.
  • Destiny Board achievements are now untracked by default.
  • Destiny Board starts to track achievements when they get some progress (ie Fame is greater than 0).
  • During this patch, all achievements with progress will be set to tracked, and all achievements without progress will be set to untracked.
  • Added a limit to how many achievements you can track at once.
  • Added tooltips for Destiny Board tracker notifications.
  • Added “time remaining” in tooltips for buffs/debuffs.
  • Upgraded all remaining text in the game to use the new font.
  • Trophies now give their bonuses to up to three laborers rather than up to two.
  • Added a warning about renaming etc when creating characters.
  • Royal Sigils can now be transmuted to higher tiers (although doing so will be very expensive).

Comment: The ratio is 5 (current tier) : 1 (higher tier). With current expeditions being capped at T6,  you need 5×5= 25 T6 sigils to make 1 T8 sigil. With 32 sigils needed for a T8 royal helmet and 64 for a royal chest, thats 800 or 1600 T6 sigils per T8 royal item. Which is quite a hefty price for T8 royal gear. I like it.

  • Royal Sigils are now classed as materials in the market.
  • Missions no longer show timeouts if they have very long durations.
  • Improved Undead and Morgana group dungeons.
  • Open world Ghouls now have a new ability.
  • Dryads and Forest Spirits are no longer aggressive.
  • Toads, Boars and Monitor Lizards have had their aggression radii halved.

Comment: Some areas really needed the aggro reduction. Should make a lot of gatherers happy.

  • Reduced durability of (non-Founder) furniture, making them easier to destroy.
  • You can no longer place furniture near banks (you know who you are).

Comment: Heh.

  • Increased zoom speed and movement speed in the World Map.


  • Gathering journals now only count resources of their tier and up to two tiers higher.

Comment: No more quick-filling those T2 and T3 journals with T7 and T8 nodes because of the higher fame per tick. A move towards making trade routes between green and black more important.

  • The “Flail” line of weapons is now called “Morning Star“.

Comment: Hey boss! This stupid animation is to hard to make work! — Uh, wait you realized that now after 3 years? Alright, fu** it. Lets just rename it.

Oh and while you are on it, consider renaming expeditions into ‘fishing’ as well.

  • Reworked visualization of zergs to not show individual player positions.

Comment: Someone send me a screenshot of the difference pls. :P

  • It is no longer possible to find T3 resources in the Outlands. Their old positions have been filled with T4 to keep node counts constant.

Comment: Oh wow! Another (i’m tempted to call it major) change to resource distribution! Together with the journals another nudge at making the trade routes through Caerleon more important. Question: Will gankers be happy if they pop a transport loot pinyata and only get T3 resources?


  • Moved the siege camp in Birken Fell to remove overlapping PvP areas.
  • Fixed Arcane Orb cooldown to be the correct value of 15s.
  • Fixed damage area on Forest of Spears.
  • Improved various visual issues with projectiles.
  • Fixed some issues with calculations for focus cost of enchanted items.
  • Fixed an issue with visuals for Separating Slam ability.
  • Fixed some issues with the rewards in the final chest of safe zone hellgates.
  • Repositioned building NPCs/clickables to ensure they’re easy to access.
  • Demon Gatekeepers (eg Vile Warden) have had pursuit range reduced from 60m to 35m so they can no longer be pulled out of the Unrestricted PvP area.

Comment: Giggdy. Who abused this ? Heh.

  • Removed unnecessary warning when entering expeditions.
  • The Keeper Chieftain remembered the abilities he had forgotten and now uses his complete ability arsenal again.
  • Destroyable chests now have health and armor to make them a little harder to loot.
  • Fixed an issue where farm buildings did not have enough durability.
  • Fixed more issues with Guild UI shaking.
  • Fixed an issue where respawning in Caerleon was not portal-binding players correctly.
  • Fixed a visual issue with gathering multiple nodes in rapid sequence.
  • Fixed an issue with toggling nametag visibility in cities.
  • Various visual and effect fixes.
  • Various audio fixes.


— END —

have a nice day :)

Albion Informer Podcast – S0E00: Make Outlands Great Again

Today we release the first episode of our weekly podcast about Albion Online, where we talk about the upcoming changes to the game in the Hector patch and have a converstation about other interesting bits of information we gathered during the last week(s).

This episode is one of our first attempts at making this podcast happen. We consider this season to be a product in final final beta, just like our favorite game Albion Online.

We would love to hear your feedback. You can send us an eMail, jump on our Discord or message us on the official Albion Online Forums.


PvP Leaderboards: May 2017 – Recap

Comment: Overall fame numbers go up by a lot, while the highscore in GvGs fought per month (attacks & defenses) stays consistent compared to last month. The massive fame number increase is of course related to higher average gear levels used and people deciding to bring our their shinies 8.2+ to gvg fights and openworld battles.

Largest Battles – May 2017

Comment: The undisputed top spot and possibly highest battle this beta (except for maybe some kind of end-of-beta event) is the french community event. Second place goes to the battle when Nilfgaard forgot to feed their T8 building plot and wanted it back. Lets see if we will see those records broken after the Hector Patch which is supposed to launch June 7th!

Started (UTC) Players Total Kills Total Fame
12.05.2017 19:25:23 254 290 23.89m Details
25.05.2017 17:47:39 229 130 10.59m Details
12.05.2017 21:17:37 140 109 9.94m Details
01.05.2017 01:33:47 234 138 6.78m Details
25.05.2017 17:33:16 169 57 5.32m Details


Top PvP Kills – May 2017

Comment: Norzor still holding the record, dieing in a 8.2 and 8.3 artifact gear. Second place goes to Snowlz, getting picked off by Red Army while carrying a total of 5 GvG (7.1 / 8.0) sets and a direwolf on him. Jokeroyuncu is on #3 biting the dust while wearing 7.3, 8.2 and 8.3 gear during a GvG against Envy.

Top PVP Kills – May 2017
Time (UTC) Killer Victim Type Fame
20.05.2017 02:11:52 ShinnoK [FAME] – Envy Norzor [OOPS] – Red Army GvG 2.97m Details
27.05.2017 12:31:16 AuroraDawn [OOPS] – Red Army Snowlz [FAME] – Envy OW 2.76m Details
19.05.2017 23:15:03 Valyrion2 Mercenarios Jokeroyuncu [SW] – Articulo Mortis GvG 2.54m Details
13.05.2017 20:10:10 Norzor [OOPS] – Red Army spacemeuh [TY] – Say My Name GvG 2.38m Details
01.05.2017 20:31:10 macor [TY] – ZORN WoFElder [ZERG] – Nilfgaard GvG 2.11m Details

Top Kill Fame (Player) – May 2017

Comment: This month we see our top#10 just short of cracking the 20m monthly kill fame. Getting into this spot surely takes a lot of activity and participation in high tier, high risk GvG matches. Gratulations to [Pk] for being fairly late to the high level GvG spectacle, but proving they are either pretty good or pick fights where rich oponents throw high level gear at them. Heh. In the future I would like to go a bit more into detail on the individual players each month, so we can all enjoy some background info on what it takes to get into the top#10.

Top Kill Fame (Player) – May 2017
# Player Fame
1 Aggressor [Pk] – THE ABYSS 19.32m
2 Derrick [OOPS] – Red Army 18.24m
3 Ketka [Pk] – THE ABYSS 17.91m
4 KingMoJo [OOPS] – Red Army 17.81m
5 reizerrr [Pk] – THE ABYSS 17.69m
6 babanababah [Pk] – THE ABYSS 17.39m
7 Norzor [OOPS] – Red Army 16.42m
8 HAEL2K [FAME] – Envy 16.14m
9 ShinnoK [FAME] – Envy 15.29m
10 Snowlz [FAME] – Envy 14.74m

Top Kill Fame (Guild)

Comment: Red Army above 350m. Wow. Only Envy is even close to those numbers. Sure, everyone is wearing higher level gear, but if you look at the total fame numbers that get you into the top#10, RA stands out no questions asked. A special mention goes out to Articulo Mortis for being present in the top#10 over and over again in the past weeks, but we will probably not see them again during this beta because they disbanded.

Top Kill Fame (Guild) – May 2017
# Guild Fame
1 Red Army 356.42m
2 Envy 289.72m
3 Tea Party 170.96m
4 Articulo Mortis 165.65m
5 Nilfgaard 134.16m
6 Echo of Silence 128.21m
7 Ad Honores 120.52m
8 THE ABYSS 120.11m
9 Say My Name 112.62m
10 KDS 89.91m

GvG – Most Attacks / Defenses Won – May 2017

Comment: 71 attacks and defenses! 71 / 4 = 17,75 per week ; Red Army won and lost an average of 2.5 GvG matches a day! Everyone knows RA is massive, but having been a part of a 100 member guild, 2.5 matches a day still seems like an insane pace. If anyone has insight as to how many of those matches are actually no-shows, please contact me or let me know on Discord. Compared to last moth, RA had 72 won and 62 lost, so they kept their activity level constant. Over time it will be interesting to see how many members the larger guilds need to sustain a certain number of daily GvGs. I will keep an eye on that for you.

GvG – Most Attacks / Defenses Won – May 2017
# Guild Att. won # Guild Def. won
1 Red Army 71 1 Red Army 71
2 Envy 39 2 Say My Name 46
3 Echo of Silence 36 3 Articulo Mortis 46
4 Say My Name 35 4 Envy 43
5 Articulo Mortis 33 5 Echo of Silence 41
6 ZORN 33 6 THE ABYSS 29
7 Nilfgaard 26 7 Tankui Russia 21
8 THE ABYSS 25 8 ZORN 18
9 KDS 20 9 Nilfgaard 17
10 Tankui Russia 14 10 KDS 15

— END —

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